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Your Letters: A plea for Paul

The president insists that a continuous flow of euphuistic rhetoric will win him a second term. I hope he continues down this path.

To be fair, both parties have abandoned trying to find practical, meaningful solutions to our county's problems by outlining their ideas in simple, understandable words that all Americans can identify with!

I'd like to share with your readers why I am impressed with Congressman Ron Paul. I keep hearing the pundits on TV repeat the mantra that "Ron Paul can't win."

Why? For one; they say he attracts too many independents and unhappy Democrats. As if only good, contributing, card-carrying, registered Republicans -- likely less than 20 percent of our population -- can elect their GOP candidate, all by themselves. Give me a break!

Secondly, it's possible that the big shots, regardless of party, don't want to see Ron Paul in the White House, simply because he's more than likely going to cutback, big-time, the money that the admirals and generals now have to play with: Like the multi-million dollar drones that they then load down with billions more worth of good electronic gear.

Now don't get me wrong: I am not against using drones instead of human beings. I think that's a good idea, whenever appropriate! What I do find offensive is the cavalier manner of just using them as if they were throw away razor blades.

If the big shots in the defense industry even suspect that a man like Ron Paul, who is honest, humble (reminds me of Abe Lincoln), and has called for a return to living by the Constitution of the United States, ever got to be president, their big cash-cow would dry up. I say tough. Lead on Ron Paul!

Kirby Greene

Dalton, Minn.