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Henning man charged with committing drug crimes

An 18-year-old man from Henning was charged in Wadena County District Court after police found him at a party they were breaking up with drugs, cash and a digital scale.

Tyler Scott Avzaradel was charged with two counts of fifth-degree drugs, as well as one count of fourth-degree drugs, after being arrested early in the morning of Jan. 7 at a party in Wadena.

Police were called to the apartment after a complaint of a strong smell of marijuana coming from the residence, which is across the street from Wadena-Deer Creek schools.

One of the officers allegedly saw Avzaradel hide something in the couch cushions, which he denied. But after police found a pipe packed with fresh marijuana, Avzaradel admitted it was his and handed over some marijuana.

Jail staff searched Avzaradel during booking and found more marijuana, as well as $1,150 in cash. They also searched a backpack which Avzaradel brought to jail with him, and that contained prescription pills, marijuana and a digital scale.

Police also found a notebook with people's names written in it. Next to the names were abbreviations such as "SSD," "MW" and "U2." Police believe those names coincide with different strands of marijuana called "Sweet and Sour Diesel," "Maui Waui" and "U2." Those three names were written on different bags of marijuana in Avzaradel's possession, court records said.