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We Encourage Returns

It always amazes me how quickly the Holidays fly by. With a blink of an eye you're staring glassy eyed at a room full of ripped wrapping paper, boxes, and bows strewn about. All the time wondering to yourself how could it possibly be over? It seems like we just got finished with the dishes on Thanksgiving Day. But now we enter the unofficial part of the Holiday returns.

Millions head to the costumer service department with receipts in hand ready to exchange their gifts for something different. Maybe they want to exchange it for a color or size that suits them better or even returning it all together because they don't want it.

Things get returned to the store for so many reasons. Either it doesn't fit or it's not our style, we don't feel good in it, maybe it's damaged or we just plain don't need it. Making a return has really come a long way from years ago. It used to be a much avoided task. There you were standing in line waiting for your turn to be interrogated. The unhappy clerk would fire a dozen accusatory questions in your direction and upon finally realizing that they couldn't change your mind would leave you with a sneer that made you feel guilty for the entire day. Fast forward a few dozen years and we now have the easy pain-free process which can take just a matter of seconds if handled properly.

Now this idea of sending things back from hence they came could really fit into some other areas of our lives... As you head into this New Year, take notice of items you might be better off returning. Maybe you have a group of friends that are negative and full of criticism - they aren't your style anymore. Trade them in for more positive models. Or, how do you spend your free time? If it's in front of the TV watching drivel hour after hour - sounds like that might be damaged? You might need to return it for a few more productive habits like reading, journaling, or taking a walk. Let's try one more... how are your goals and dreams coming along? If haven't had any time or energy to focus on them - you probably don't feel good about it! You should really consider exchanging some of your time and focus on a few things for yourself. Now, I think you're getting the picture.

How many of us would keep a sweater that is too large or a set of towels that don't match our bathroom? If we have the receipt we'd be the first in the return line. We do not need to hang on to those other things in our lives that just don't fit right. And the best part about that is some returns don't need receipts.

The Soul Sisters