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Missionaries to Sweden visiting Verndale

Phil and Katja Zarn with their three children. The family serves as missionaries in Sweden.

Join Verndale Assembly church during the Sunday morning service on Dec. 18 at 10:30 a.m. as the congregation hears about missions work in Sweden.

Phil and Katja Zarns, along with their children Benjamin, Matilda and Maximus, serve as missionaries to Sweden. Sweden is considered secular, materialistic and agnostic/atheistic. Today less than 1 percent of the people of Stockholm are attending church. Forty percent of the Twin Cities claim to have a church home. Stockholm and the Twin Cities are roughly the same size - about 2 million people.

Phil and Katja are pioneering university ministries and planting churches in the nation of Sweden. They disciple new believers and bring the hope of salvation to non-believers. They also work with pastors, emphasizing to them the importance of reaching students for Christ.

The Zarns have been involved in full-time youth and university ministries and church planting since graduating from college in 2000.

Any questions can be directed to The Rev. Amos Self at (218) 445-5568. A free-will offering will be received on their behalf.