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Deer Creek council discusses exercise equipment

The Deer Creek City Council took action and talked about a variety of items during its December regular meeting.

The council discussed the idea of exercise equipment in the Deer Creek Community Center. The consensus was that while exercise equipment would not work out because of liability issues, they could have other exercise programs like Zumba.

Exercise equipment would have to be insured and then supervised at all times.

Normally the Deer Creek school building is used for indoor exercise, but it is now housing the 7th and 8th grade Wadena-Deer Creek students displaced when the June 17, 2010 tornado destroyed the school building in Wadena. The new high school building in Wadena will open for the next school year and include a walking track.

Dan Motz was accepted to join the fire department.

Council member Dan Hendershot said the fire department is down to 15 members.

Tim Weller brought up the issue of stagnating rusty water in some areas. Hendershot talked about different ways to solve this.

The council approved the final levy, discussed how to find a deal on a sweeper scrubber and discussed what to do about a property where garbage had been left outside after tenants had vacated.