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Property Transfers

Keith Baldwin and Kate Baldwin, aka Kathryn Baldwin, h&w, hereby conveys to Terry Colton, the NE1/4 SE1/4 of Section 4, Twp 138,. R33, together with a 33' non-exclusive and perpetual easement for driveway and utility purposes over and across that part of the SE1/4 SEl/4 of Section 4, Twp 138, R33.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, hereby conveys to Leslie S. Thorstenson and Sara H. Thorstenson, as jt ten, that part of the NW1/4 SE1/4 of Section 20, in Township 134 North, Range 35 West, described as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of said Section 20; thence West along the south line of said Section 20 a distance of 1540.68 feet to the center line of the Burlington Northern Railroad; thence North 20°38' West along said railroad center line 1912.18 feet; thence North 69° 22' East 50.00 feet to die easterly right of way of said railroad and this to be the point of beginning of the land to be described; thence continuing North 69° 2' East 284.28 feet; thence North 20"38' West to the east-west quarter line of said Section 20, thence westerly along said quarter line to the easterly right of way of said railroad; thence South 20°38'East to the point of beginning, Wadena County, Minnesota.

Beverly A. Witt and Barry Witt, w&h, hereby conveys to Richard E. Altenbrun and Christopher E. Altenbrun, as jt ten, the N520' of the SEl/4 SEl/4 of Section 31, Twp 134, R33.