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Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign under way

Mim Maas wants you!

Maas runs the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign in Wadena and she is looking for a group of volunteers to help her in raising $10,000 over the next two weeks.

This year's campaign began Friday and will run for two weeks. Maas has three counter kettles where folks can drop their money and she will also have three "ringer" kettles stationed around town. One ringer station will be at Wal-Mart and another will be at SuperOne. The third kettle will be set up on the corner by the Boondocks Café but will float around Wadena.

Money raised from the kettles is used by the Salvation Army to provide financial assistance for a variety of emergency circumstances. Some money goes for fuel, some to help families of school-aged children with school expenses or clothes and some even goes to stave off eviction.

"For the most part it's for people who are residents here but some are transients," Maas said. "These are people who have fallen through the cracks."

As Wadena Kettle Coordinator, Maas has the job of recruiting volunteers and making sure the funds that are raised find their way into the Salvation Army account.

Friday's first big day of collecting is called Realtors Day in recognition of the realtors that volunteer. Saturday will see the Jaycees and the Lions on duty.

Maas is always trying to cook up new and interesting ways of raising money for the kettles. Performing jazz musicians and a blanket toss at local sporting events are two of the ideas Maas has been working with.

The Kettle Campaign was started 120 years ago by Captain McFee of the Salvation Army in San Francisco, Calif. McFee fed 1,000 people by putting out a kettle and asking people to contribute.

To contact Maas, call (218) 631-1751. Volunteers are asked to work two hours shifts.