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Local Black Friday one of the best ever merchants say

If the shopping immediately after Thanksgiving is an indicator of the economy, the worst of the Great Recession could be over: More than one Wadena business said this year's Black Friday was the best in the last several years.

"It was our best ever," Cindy McCullough, owner of Ben Franklin, said. She added that she had the data from the past five years.

"Both sales and the number of customers was way up," she said.

"It was one of the best ones we've ever had," Bob Tubandt, owner of Lyle's Shoes, said. "Pretty much stayed busy all day long, the night slowed down, but from nine to five was a very busy day for us."

Lee Omberg, manager at Thrifty White, had his first Black Friday there. He said there were good brisk sales in the morning, though not as much in the afternoon.

Mike Woodard, one of the owners of Bethany Book and Gift, said it was pretty much the same as last year.

Tom Weber of Weber's Wadena Hardware said they did well and it was an average year.

"We had lots of wonderful shoppers from all over the area," McCullough said.

Aside from Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become a big shopping day.

Joni Birch at the Wadena Post Office said that Cyber Monday does not affect staff until several days later as things get busy and the packages arrive.