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Remembering mom's best advice

The schedule this week at Fair Oaks Lodge was filled with doing men's nails on Monday, chapel and Bingo on Tueday, manicures and turkey bowling on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, with mass and a Thanksgiving Day program on Friday. Our halls are decorated with all of the things we are thankful for.

We have often named things we are thankful for, with most of us saying the same thing, like peace in the world, and our health. This year we will be remembering what our mothers called to us as we started on our way to school. It seems that all of the mothers called "behave yourself!"

Other than that, Helen's mom said, "stay off the ice." They knew she meant: ice under a culvert where one off the kids had fallen and broken an arm.

Rachel's mom reminded her to eat her lunch, which she knew would be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before she looked at it.

Fred can still hear his mom calling "STAN, DON'T SMOKE!" to which he invariably answered, "WHO? ME?

Warren's mom worried, "don't run away today," which gave him an idea.

Leo remembered she (his mom) didn't say much, just helped him out the door.

Bob's mother told him to try and not get dirty. Stay clean, she would say. Knowing how tired she was after each wash day, he really tried. It meant filling a big boiler with water, or sometimes snow, getting up early to make a fire in the stove under the boiler so it would be hot by 9 a.m. After that she had to pull a stick back and forth to make the water swish the clothes clean. Turning a wringer to put them in rinse water came next and after that wringing them out of the rinse into a basket, then out to a clothesline. In winter they froze before she could hang them, and so did her hands. So, did Bob try to keep clean? He really tried.

Bernice's mom just said stay out of mischief. Jerry's mom told him the same thing, but it was really hard. It seemed to him everything fun was either too dangerous or against the law. He remembers when young fellows bought their beer in the country and took it to town to drink it. Now they buy it in town and have to take it to the country to have a good time.

Stan's mom called, "don't fight today," which she need not have worried about. He knew he would get beat if he did because the other guys were all bigger and meaner than he was.

Lorraine's mom always called, "Have you got your lunch?" Lunch brought up memories of the water bucket. One water bucket and dipper for everyone in school! It was sure everyone got sick with colds or the flu if one pupil had it. She doesn't recall anyone ever scrubbing the dipper.

Stan was the oldest one in his family. His mother always called to be good to the girls. He remembers that and thinks he always has been good to the ladies. He recalls one teacher by the name of Fisher. He thinks she is still alive. Anyhow, he forgot to return a library book after being reminded several times. The last time he forgot it she made him walk back home after it. They lived miles away. He found it pretty hard to be nice to that old girl after that.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Fair Oaks Lodge!