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Police Scanner

Oct. 31

• Two parents with two small children went to the lobby of the Wadena Police Department to ask for assistance in finding their vehicle. They had parked it and started trick-or-treating on foot, and couldn't remember where it was. The vehicle was later located.

Nov. 1

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. A girl's father and boyfriend had gotten into a scuffle after the father discovered the boyfriend lying in bed with his adult daughter in the morning. The father said he doesn't want the boyfriend there and didn't approve of him spending the night. The father said the boy was lucky he didn't shoot him. The officer explained to the father that he would not be justified in shooting the young man. The man said he could shoot him to protect himself and his property. The officer again explained that this would not be a justified shooting, but noted the father was not "receptive" to that message.

• A caller reported there were three dogs that were running loose together for the past three days: a husky, a black lab and a "little weiner dog."

Nov. 4

• Police responded to a fender-bender at a gas station next to the pumps. The two men exchanged insurance information. No one was injured.

Nov. 5

• Police responded to a Wadena convenience store on a report of a physical assault. A woman said her brother had hit her in the face. The brother, who is his sister's legal guardian, said she was in the service and suffered a traumatic brain injury, and she calls the police often and gets confused. The woman did have redness on her arm and face, but the officer believed it was just as likely the redness was from the cold and strong wind.

• A man reported seeing a very large rat walking south on Sixth Street Southwest near the intersection with Irving Avenue in Wadena.

• A woman fell out of a deer stand near Wadena County Road 9 and was breathing and talking, but not moving. An ambulance was dispatched and deputies helped carry the woman out of the woods.

Nov. 6

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance, which turned out to be a verbal argument over money. A woman and her boyfriend had been drinking and arguing, and the boyfriend tried to ignore her, which made her even more upset, the officer reported. Everyone agreed to go to bed and discuss it in the morning.

Nov. 7

• A car accident in the parking lot of a convenience store was reported. The officer said since the accident was on private property, it was a civil matter, but he took all of the information down for his report. One of the drivers said she was not insured, and the other driver was upset that she was driving around without insurance.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.