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Bluegrass band will perform at NY Mills Cultural Center

Dick Kimmel and Co., a five-piece bluegrass band, will perform at NY Mills Cultural Center on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Dick Kimmel & Co's latest recording, "Dreamin'," presents a unique collection of songs: driving bluegrass numbers from the masters of bluegrass ("Goodbye Old Pal" by Bill Monroe and "I'll Love Nobody But You" by Jim and Jesse), Kimmel-Kjellberg duets ("Dreamin'" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream"), and originals from this band ("Homeless and Heartbroken" by Dick Kimmel and "Sweetie Honey Baby" by Jerilyn Kjellberg).

Comments from an "Inside Bluegrass" (July 2011) review of the work said: "'Dreamin'' is DK&Co's third album, and it exhibits maturity that can only get gained by experience. Its twelve cuts represent the art of the bluegrass genre as it exists in 2011. ... Original-song seekers will appreciate the Kimmel-penned 'Homeless and Heartbroken' and 'Sweetie Honey Baby,' Kjellberg's ode to sweet-talkin' waitresses. A safe recommend."

In October, Dick Kimmel & Co performed at the RFD Theater in Branson, Mo. as part of a three-day Midwest Country series of concerts. Dick Kimmel is a 2010 inductee into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. In 2008, this band received the National Traditional Country Music Association's coveted Rising Legend Award. Dick Kimmel & Co's traditional style of bluegrass is laced with old-time string band music, original songs that seem like classics, bluegrass gospel, and traditional country duets.

Call the Cultural Center box office, (218) 385-3339, for ticket reservations.