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Lakewood Health System launches new asthma program

Lakewood Health System's Respiratory Therapy department is launching a new program called Take Action on Asthma. In collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the American Lung Association- Minnesota (ALAMN), the program will focus on improving the quality of life for people, especially children, with asthma.

The program is headed by Lakewood Health System Respiratory Therapists Allison Maneval and Megan Dolezal, who have been formally trained in asthma education. They will work to educate coaches, daycare providers, educators and others who work closely with children, on the importance of recognizing asthma symptoms and attacks and knowing how to respond appropriately in an asthma-related emergency.

Patients, or "asthma action stars," who take part in the program will receive bracelets that can be worn to identify that they have asthma. Incentive gifts and prizes will be given to those 'caught' wearing their bracelet at school and out in the community.

"We are fortunate enough that Lakewood is committed to respiratory excellence and that our providers recognize the importance of this individualized care for our patients," said Respiratory Therapy Director Kirsten Smith.

For more information on the Take Action on Asthma program, contact Respiratory Services at (218) 894-8499.