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Elmer Wegscheid

New friend Elmer Wegscheid was born in Wadena in 1933 to Joe and Margaret. They lived on a farm. Elmer became a member of the Army engineers' corps in 1952 and was sent to Japan, where he worked in an asphalt plant until 1955 when he was discharged. Elmer married Joyce Kovar in 1956.

His first job after the service was for Lund Boats in New York Mills, where he was the only man working for Lund at that time. In 1958 he started his own heating business from his shop on the farm. They had three sons and a daughter. It seemed there was always one of the boys able to help in the business or farm. His son, Ed, bought the business, now known as Service Professionals.

Over the years Elmer has seen the demand for furnaces go from oil, to wood, and now to gas. His main service area was a 30 mile radius around Wadena. Installing heating in St. Ann's Church was his biggest job. Back then, a furnace sold for $500.

The Wegscheids have traveled extensively, to Alaska, Germany and Hawaii as well as many places in the states. They enjoyed Disneyland.

As a family, accidents have taken their toll. Two of Elmer's brothers and a sister were killed in a car accident in 1966. A sister was killed by a train in 1981.

Elmer and Joyce have played Smear with partners Irvin and Rita Price, Rich and Mary Langer, and Duane and Dot Schertler once a month for 42 years. In 1400, playing cards were made of stenciled wood and only the rich could afford them. Also, in England, cards could be played only the 12 days of Christmas.

A bit more therapy on his mended hip and Elmer will be all set to go back home. It is the Wegscheids turn to host the card game this month.

News at my house this week is that Buddy Boy Bird laid an egg, wouldn't you know it?