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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 26, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Viking fans on any other day

You'll have to forgive Randy and Bette Johnson. Any other day, they'd be showing their purple pride and cheering on the Vikings.

The couple, from Bertha who work at Mortgages on Main in Wadena, are related to Tom Brady.

Yes, that Tom Brady -- the hunky quarterback of the New England Patriots.

Randy's father is a brother to Brady's grandfather, Gordon Johnson, who lives in Clarissa, Bette explained.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 1, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Smallpox, anthrax here?

It's never been a question of "if" terrorists will use biological weapons against us, but "when" they'll use them, said Wadena County Public Health director Karen Nelson.

Although nothing in Wadena County is considered a high profile target, the government has been preparing for years for threats like this, said Nelson, referring to smallpox and anthrax.

• Area airports have stake in airline security

Federal funds will help provide safety improvements at small- and medium-sized airports if House members go along with senators' airline security bill.

But that's a big "if" as politics enters the terrorism war.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 28, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Guest editorial: 65 mph worth try on rural four-lanes

As most people know who have driven across rural North Dakota, 55 miles per hour is a very slow pace. And we also know that hardly anyone is driving at that speed anymore because law enforcement is lax. Patrolmen would be hard put to arrest 60 mph drivers because there are so many of them.

Still, when we get to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with all of its quick exits and entrances on the speedy interstate highways, it is good to know that 55 mph is the limit. It keeps the whiz-kids from running us off the road.

• Keep your goblins safe

Halloween is almost here, and that means costumes, trick or treating, and bags of goodies for young goblins. The Minnesota Safety Council reminds parents that a few extra safety precautions can help insure that children have a fun-filled and safe outing.

Each child should have change for a telephone call in case they have a problem while away from home.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 28, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Jaycees to sponsor Halloween dance

Area students are invited to attend Sunday night's Jaycee sponsored Halloween dance to be conducted at the Wadena National Guard Armory, U.S. Highway 71 north.

Dancing is from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. with music provided by the sensational "Nirvana" from Minneapolis.

• 'Meet Twins' Nite Nov. 11

The Wadena Chiefs will host a "Meet the Twins" night Saturday Nov. 11, according to Dick Grewe of the local baseball association.

Tom Cronin of the Twins' public relations department, Angelo Guilliano, Twins scout, and two players to be named will present an interesting program on the nation's top sport.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 1, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• 29 cars of NP freight derailed here Sunday

Traffic on the mainline of the Northern Pacific began to roll again at 1:15 Tuesday afternoon, following a 49-hour tie-up because of a freight derailment here at 12:20 Sunday afternoon.

From the story told Officer Fred Brauch by one of the transients riding atop the train, the freight could have derailed in Wadena proper, for the car in which the transient and three companions was riding began to jump about three miles west of Wadena. Sensing something was wrong, the men left the car and moved ahead, and escaped being in the car which was the first derailed.

The derailment took place within the village limits, about a half mile east of the depot, and was about 300 yards east of the intersection of the Great Northern Branch line.

• Just like a dream, 'but dirt sure flew'

Ronald Bastian, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bastian gave the following eye-witness account of Sunday's Northern Pacific train wreck.

"Denny [Watkins] and me was watching it go by from our yard and then all at once it began to jump and there was a big pile-up."

He was asked if he thought he was dreaming. (He nodded his head up and down.) "Did it make much noise?" he was asked. (He shook his head sideways.) His face them beamed as he replied, "But the dirt sure flew."