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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 19, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• School adopts anti-bullying program

On the same day Governor Pawlenty declared the week of Oct. 22-28 as Bullying Prevention Week, Wadena Deer Creek Elementary School took action to create a safer and more welcoming campus environment by joining the Safe School Ambassadors Program.

• Movies at the office work it

We will spend most of our lives at work. It's true.

At least now there is something to alleviate the pressures of our worker-drone existence. It's workplace humor. Most recently, we've been getting our chuckles from "The Office."

Why do we love it? Maybe it's because of the smart writing, the brilliant non-acting or the whole Jim and Pam thing.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 25, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Fear not

Terrorists want to create hysteria and fear among the American people with threats of anthrax and small pox contamination, said Wadena County emergency management director Wayne Terry.

"That's what this is all about," said Terry. "Stay calm. Don't fly off the handle."

• Wadena wins

Wadena has won the Outstanding Community Award from the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls.

Wadena Revitalization received a crystal and diamond award and a $1,000 grant sponsored by Minnesota Power, said Matt Kilian, director of communications at the Initiative Foundation.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 21, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• U.S. involvement in Nicaragua: Minnesotans stand out against Contra aid

According to a Park Rapids woman who has participated in one of these trips, and who stayed on in Nicaragua for three months, there are two purposes for these trips.

The first purpose is for information gathering, "because it is totally impossible to find out through the news," Carolyn Dorisdotter noted, adding that while in Nicaragua the groups interview with people in the outlying towns in Nicaragua, and in the city of Managua. She explained that Witness for Peace is not a political group, but that it encourages people to become politically involved after returning from Nicaragua.

The second purpose of the group's involvement in Nicaragua is that the presence of Americans there seems to curtail the violence, killings and massacres done by the Contras. Dorisdotter stated that the Contras cannot take the chance of killing any Americans. While she was there, she said, "I never saw anything but fear to the Contras."

• Senator Don Anderson receives national award

In a special awards ceremony last week the National Grocers Association bestowed its prestigious "Spirit of America" award on State Sen. Don Andreson, of Wadena.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 21, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Schillo to speak at auxiliary meet

The Wadena Hospital Auxiliary will meet Wednesday evening, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Jack Browne, 411 S.W. 10th.

The speaker will be Earl Schillo, local hospital administrator. He will inform us of plans for the new hospital and also plans for the use of the old building.

• 36 percent of entering pharmacy students at 'U' are women

More than one third -- 36 percent -- of this fall's entering students in the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy are women, according to the college's assistant dean for student affairs.

Women students now constitute 23 percent of the University's total pharmacy student enrollment of about 320. Only about 10 percent of the practicing pharmacists in the country are women.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 25, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Lions appeal to citizens to back local scrap drive

The Wadena Lions at their regular meeting Monday night went into discussion of their scrap metal drive in an endeavor to raise funds towards giving Wadena a swimming pool. V.J. Vogel, chairman of the drive said response had been disappointing, and appealed to members and citizens in the area to get behind the drive.

Vogel said the donating of scrap would not only be aiding a plea from the government for scrap, but it would also signify folks were interested in having a swimming pool in Wadena.

• Nursing home issues will be discussed at meeting Oct. 30

E.C. Slagle, public health engineer and Ethel McClure, R.N., supervisor of the Hospital Licensing Unit, both from the Minnesota Department of Health, University Campus, Minneapolis, are scheduled to meet in Wadena next Tuesday afternoon with the sanatorium committees of Todd and Wadena counties. The state representatives were invited to come here by the Todd-Wadena county boards to survey Fair Oaks Lodge, and make recommendations toward converting the buildings into a Nursing Home.