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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 12, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• A warm Wadena welcome

Wadena entrance signs were put up earlier this week at the five main highway entrances. The entrance signs were built to resemble art deco movie theater marquees.

• The best column ever published, IMHO

Al Gore created the Internet so Dungeons and Dragons geeks could argue endlessly about which sword is best on World of Warcraft, and 43-year-old pedophiles could talk to each other, each posing as -- and believing incorrectly the other is -- a 15-year-old girl.

Well, at least IMHO.

Did I lose you already? LOL.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 18, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena addresses bio-terrorist threat

Like the rest of the nation, Wadena authorities are taking extra precautions to prevent contamination of drinking water and are preparing for other emergencies.

So far, the city has had a few calls about mail that residents questioned about it being contaminated with Anthrax. The mail turned out negative, said [Wadena Police Chief Lane] Waldahl.

• Hospital to start $6 million project

Tri-County Hospital will embark on a $6 million construction and renovation project in hopes of, among other aspects, increasing efficiency and patient-friendly services.

The current hospital opened in 1974. About that time, hospitals' business was about 80 percent inpatient. Now the hospital's services are about 60 percent outpatient.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 14, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Young farmers being forced out despite new technology

Young, well-educated farmers who may use the newest technology are statistically more likely to be forced out of farming. These farmers bear heavier debt loads and are especially vulnerable to financial conditions "outside of agriculture or agricultural policy."

So says University of Minnesota agricultural economist C. Ford Runge, in his paper, "Technology and Financial Adjustments in American Agriculture: Who Will Quit and Why?"

• State auditor commends Wadena for operation of enterprise zones

State Auditor Arne Carlson today told Wadena city officials that sewer and water construction projects in 1985 are dominating their financial profile. Carlson spoke Oct. 8 at a financial health seminar in Brainerd held by the State Auditor's office for cities in the area.

"With the sewer and water construction projects," Carlson said, "capital outlay in Wadena was more than $1 million in 1985."

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 14, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Good old days weren't quite pollution free

Some people wishfully advocate a return to "the good old days" as the solution to our pollution problems.

But not all things were pollution free in the old days either. For example, old settlers tell stories about streams which ran yellow from buffalo manure. Settlers along the Red River in western Minnesota tell about farmers who shoved manure plus dead horses and cattle down the river banks in winter and let the river carry the refuse away next spring.

Or, switch to air pollution. A walk outside in any medium to large size city 25 or 30 years ago risked a soot shower -- courtesy of coal furnaces.

• Birch Society opposes Nixon's trip to China

The John Birch Society has launched a new campaign. Under the firm and direct appeal, "Please, Mr. President, Do Not Go!" the nationwide conservative group is urging President Nixon to cancel his plans to visit Red China.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 18, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Three Merickel brothers now own Merickel Lumber Mill

Announcement is made this week that the three Merickel brothers, Jack, Jim and Tom are the owners of the Merickel Mills. The Mill was started in 1935 by the boys' father, Harry Merickel and R.A. Stuntebeck.

• National Tea store leases new location

Harry Merickel and R.A. Stuntebeck announced they have recently purchased the Buren building which is now occupied by the J.C. Penney company. Shortly after the Penney company moves to its new location in the Masonic Temple the National Tea Store will move into the north part of the building. At present the remaining part of the main floor has not yet been leased.