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Leading the Sentence to Serve group

My thanks to Charles (Charlie) Tuorila for sharing what is an interesting life with us. Charles was born in Wesley Hospital to Eino and Hazel Tuorila in 1950. He graduated from the Sebeka High School.

Almost directly after graduating from high school Charlie headed to the big city where he found work readily with a construction crew. At that time contractors did a whole job, so Charlie learned everything that went into the making of a structure from pouring the cement basement to the top of the roof.

During the seven years Charlie worked in Minneapolis, he worked for many contractors. He had to get out of the construction business when he injured the muscles in one of his legs.

At this time Charlie turned to Nimrod where he ran the Nimrod Café for two years. After that was working at what was available for the next years, an experience that stood him in good stead, able to do many things.

It was that factor that made him right to head a Wadena County Sentenced-to-Serve (STS) group, an interest Charlie looks forward to returning to as soon as recovery from knee surgeries make it possible.

Charlie shepherds anywhere from eight to 15 offenders each time. Have any of them split for tall timber over the years? Oh, yes, several have. They are soon apprehended and find running away wasn't such a great idea. Now they have to do more time.

The STS team logged in 9,000 hours of free labor last year. What with Wadena's history for the last year, their help was sorely needed and appreciated as they spent hours clearing the cemetery, making streets passable, working in the fair grounds and parks, all of it nonprofit.

It was the easy pace of life in Nimrod that prompted Charlie to live there, like the friendly people. He loves the river. Charles has two sons.

Charles mostly enjoys the young culprits he deals with. Respect is a two-way street he has found, and it works. He is getting the new knee in shape with the help of our great PT crew and planning to get his other knee done soon.

He wants to get back to this corrections job he has held 21 years.

Fair Oaks Lodge staff thanks Joel Beiswenger, CEO of TCHC (Tri-County Health Care) for the bounteous pizza treat in recognition of the super grade in the state survey.