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Gently used clothing store to relocate

Photo by Rachelle Klemme Gracie Meyer and Cele Olson are moving Gracie's Clothes Closet across the street at to the former AT&T building. The store is currently in the basement of the Bernauer building.

Gracie's Clothes Closet is relocating across the Jefferson Street to the former AT&T building.

Owner Gracie Meyer and Cele Olson plan to open up the new location of their gently used clothing store around the middle of October.

"We're excited about it because we'll be on a street level entrance," Meyer said.

The new store location will be handicapped-accessible with no need to walk down the stairs.

The boutique will also downscale a bit, phasing out of men's wear and baby clothes.

Tuesday will be the consignment day, and rack-ready clothes are preferred.

Currently, Gracie's Clothes Closet is in the basement of the Bernauer Building below An Open Book and Harvest Thyme Bistro.

Meyer has had a store in the Bernauer building for five years, and Olson has been in the building for 10 years. At that time, the building was a business incubator. They have been working together for five years.

"I moved down here when the bookstore moved in," Olson said. "I used to be in the front window upstairs."

Even though the bulk of the inventory is women's clothing, they also have jewelry, handbags, shoes, accessories and scarves.

Meyer's part of the store is consignment with donations welcome. Olson's section is called "Cele's Collection," emphasizing the designer labels.

Olson said the store features a variety of sizes including infant and plus sizes.

Between the two locations, Gracie's Clothes Closet will keep the same phone number. They can be contacted at (218) 639-1710.