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Clifford the Big Red Dog visits WDC kindergartners

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools WDC kindergartners enjoyed giving Clifford hugs, high fives and posing for photos with the big-hearted canine. Pictured are Junelle Jackson's students, from left: Bradley Moats, Libby Hartman and Caleb Kleinke.

Students and teachers did several fun and educational activities prior to "Clifford Day," such as reading Clifford's books via interactive white boards, making "Puppy Chow" treats, cutting out Clifford ears, and singing Clifford songs. They even included Clifford on their Homecoming Float this year, taking the school's first-place prize for Best K-12 Student Entry.

Making "Clifford Day" extra-special was a generous donation from the Brainerd Retired Kindergarten Teachers, who gave each WDC kindergartner a 16-inch stuffed plush Clifford and four Clifford books to take home. Junelle Jackson, one of the four Kindergarten teachers at WDC, said they were thrilled to receive this wonderful donation for their students.

"The gift from the Brainerd Retired Kindergarten Teachers was such a wonderful surprise!" said Jackson. "Our students loved the stories and the thoughtfulness from these teachers will continue on for years to come!"

Jackson said the Clifford books also encourage WDC Kindergartners to improve their reading skills and become proficient readers.

Aside from Jackson's class, Clifford made appearances in Deb Andrews,' Mandy Gallant's and Shelley Steffens' kindergarten classrooms.