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Living History

Excerpts from the Oct. 5, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Pigs perish in Oink Joint barn blaze

About 100 pigs perished in a barn fire early Sunday morning on Oink Joint Road east of Wadena.

The pigs need to be replaced because [Diggy] Lorentz wants to keep the legacy of the road's name. His uncle had the road named Oink Joint Road because of the pigs (oink) and the body shop (joint), Lorentz said.

• WCC expansion could bring 50 new jobs

While in the early stages of fundraising, a Wadena Community Center expansion could bring 50 jobs along with amenities like a pool, gymnasiums and meeting space, according to an organizer.

John Paulson, a committee member pushing for the expansion, said his group is in the process of writing grants and getting a private fund-raising effort underway.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 11, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• NYC attacks affect Wadena

Fallout from the Sept. 11 New York terrorist attacks is now tricking down to emergency management offices, said Wayne Terry, Wadena County emergency management director.

Terry told the county board Oct. 2 he expects to be tasked with more educational and awareness responsibilities from the federal government in 2002.

• In case of fire

Oct. 8-12 is Fire Prevention Week, and the 20 volunteer firefighters who protect Wadena from fires want you to remember fire prevention.

The firefighters started out by having an open house on Monday where almost 200 people got to meet the volunteer fire department. The public was invited to the south station in Wadena. All kinds of demonstrations were held to enhance the public's knowledge of fire safety.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 7, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Immanuel Lutheran to observe 50th anniversary Sunday, Oct. 12

Featured anniversary speaker during the two services will be the Rev. Gilbert Lee, Bishop of the Northern Minnesota District of the American Lutheran Church.

Former Immanuel pastors Orville Wold, Peter Thompson, Olaf Cartford and Victor A.C. Ovrebo will bring greetings and remarks during a 2 p.m. anniversary program.

Immanuel church held its first service Oct. 18, 1936.

• from Sports Comments by Lyle Freer

The national media is starting to speculate as to who should be the Most Valuable Player in the American and National Leagues. Front runners would appear to be Gary Carter of the Mets, Fernando Valenzuela of the Dodgers, Mike Scott of the Astros, Glenn Davis of the Astros and Dwight Gooden of the Mets for the National League.

For the American League it could be Roger Clemens of the Red Sox, Don Mattingly of the Yankees, Kirby Puck

ett of the Twins, Wade Boggs of the Red Sox and Jesse Barfield of the Blue Jays.

A comment of George Brett of KC was, "I don't think the award should go to a guy who goes out and plays every day."

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 7, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Glass insulators no 'fair game'

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company reminds hunters that its cables, glass insulators and repeater huts are not "fair game" and are never in season.

Gordon Lundeen, manager, said that telephone facilities are sometimes damaged during the hunting season. In most cases, the damage is accidental and may occur when a game bird flies through or near cables and wires.

While disrupted service creates an inconvenience for customers affected, it can also be disastrous if the phone is needed to report an emergency such as an accident or a fire.

Lundeen urged sportsmen who observe damaged facilities to call their nearest telephone office and report the nature and location of the damage.

• L-O-L Girl Scout Council meeting in Wadena Oct. 14

The Land of Lakes Girl Scout Council will hold its annual meeting at the Four Seasons in Wadena Thursday, Oct. 14.

At noon a luncheon will be served, followed by a musical program and slides presentations presented by several of the girls who went on Opportunities this past summer.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 11, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• It's for swimming pool... Lions to conduct scrap metal drive

At the regular meeting of the Wadena Lions Club Monday at the Pine Cove Inn, it was decided that the club start to raise funds for the building of an outdoor swimming pool. When completed the pool will be given to the village of Wadena.

It is generally agreed that the swimming pool will be too large a project for the Lions to undertake singlehandedly, so the club invites public contributions from organizations -- civic and fraternal -- who are willing to help. The committee points out that all gifts will be appreciated.

• Editorial: Hysterical America

The war hysteria that is sweeping over the country would be laughable were it not so serious. Indeed, the spending occasioned by this hysteria threatens to swamp us economically. Americans returning from the summer in Europe say that there is very little war talk over there and people are going about their different ways as in normal times. It is in the United States that we find fear and uncertainty, not to mention hysteria.

Finland borders Russia for hundreds of miles, and if there is a free country in Europe that has reason to fear the Russian Bear it is Finland. Yet the Finnish people recently elected a conservative, agrarian ticket, which would indicate that there is very little fear of Russia in the Republic of Finland.

Why don't we profit from their example of fearlessness?