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Public Notice

Public Notice

ISD #2155 School Board Meeting sum-

maries July 7, 18, Aug. 4, 16, 30 2011

July 7, 2011: Kraus Anderson recom-

mended bids for bid package two of the mid-

dle/high school construction project, and the

contract for Cody Van Sloten, elementary

teacher, were approved.

July 18, 2011: The board acknowledged

the Community Education Recreation Pro-

gram, coordinated by Sandie Rentz and

Luke Sturm. Sturm reported participant num-

bers were up in the youth program. The res-

ignations of Alicia Jones, elementary para-

professional; and Jan Nelson, high school

paraprofessional; as well as the leave of ab-sence for maternity from Viyan Maii, pre-

school paraprofessional; and Kali Matthie-

sen, second-grade teacher were approved.

Anderson reported on Attachment 10, the

Health and Safety Program Revenue Appli-

cation in accordance with the Minnesota De-

partment of Education. Attachment 10 and

the finance reports were approved. Trans-

portation Director Tim Wohlert reported on a

proposal to purchase two 14 capacity buses

and eight 77-capacity buses on Sept. 1,

2011. FEMA and insurance would pay for

the majority of the cost to the school district.

Bus purchases were approved.

The coaching staff for 2011-12, with the

exception of the head boys' basketball

coach, was approved with the understanding

that all coaches continue to meet the profes-

sional development criteria set forth by the

School District. Food Service Director San-

die Rentz outlined the revisions made to the

school district's Wellness Policy; board mem-

bers approved the policy.

August 4, 2011: Approved the Bid Com-

mittee and Kraus Anderson recommended

bids for bid package two (07-2 Membrane

Roofing- Herzog Roofing, Inc., 23-A Temper-

ature Controls - Climate Makers Inc.) of the

middle/high school construction project.

Board members approved the resignation of

Miranda Nelson per current teacher contract

language, Holly Becker's contract for secon-

dary math, and the extra-curricular/activities

academic policy.

Aug. 15, 2011: The board acknowledged

Food Services Director Sandie Rentz for her

work on the Fresh Fruits and Veggie Grant

awarded for the third year to WDC Elemen-

tary School. Board approved the hiring of

Vicki Smith, head girls' tennis coach; Jay

Krogstad, assistant girls' tennis coach; Erica

Snyder, elementary paraprofessional; and

Chelsey Weiss, 4th-grade teacher and junior

high softball coach. Receipts, disburse-

ments, finance reports and the Health and

Safety Services contract with Lakes Country

Service Cooperative were approved. Gener-

al Obligation Aid Anticipation Certificates

were accepted from Wells Fargo for $1.625

million with an interest rate of .4779. Perkins

& Will presented an update on the furniture,

floor and paint for the new school and pre-

sented options for upgrading flooring and

wall coverings. Floor bids 09 B,D,E, were re-

jected. The 2011-12 handbooks (elementary

and high school) and the occupancy agree-

ment with M State-Wadena for on-site child

care were both approved. Techam recom-

mended the school district provide training

for Type 3 drivers and Perkins recommend-

ed looking into the Leaf River Ag property


August 30, 2011: John Paulson present-

ed Wellness Center construction plans and

possible land acquisition by the Wellness

committee. Resignations of Jill Boline, Pat

Boline, and Naomi Moerke were approved

per contract agreement. Kari Hanson's con-

tract was approved for Special Education

teacher, pending her release from her cur-

rent contract. Debra Nelson's contract for

elementary music was extended. Connie

Kawlewski was approved for coaching Junior

High Volleyball. The resolution relating to

Miranda Nelson's Memorandum of Under-

standing and the non-monetary lease agree-

ment with M State, Wadena for use of out-

door property were both approved.

122985-1323013 10/1/11