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Aid being sent to help East Africa

Right now in East Africa, families are being forced from their homes due to drought and famine, leaving behind their meager possessions they had, and are walking for days over rough terrain. There are parents whose children have died, and children who have been orphaned. They are suffering from hunger, thirst, disease and drought. Recognizing the troubled times for these families, the Catholic Church has asked Catholics to respond to the desperate needs of their brothers and sisters in East Africa. The parishes of St. Ann's (Wadena) and St. John the Baptist (Bluffton) Catholic Churches have recently donated $3,159.16 to help in this cause. If you would like to donate to this cause, you can send your donation to Diocese of St. Cloud, c/o Famine Relief of East Africa, 214 S. 3rd Ave., Box 1248, St. Cloud, MN, 56302-1248.