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Council approves long list of bids

Photo by Rachelle Klemme The shower house of the Wadena swimming pool was one of the town's landmarks that was totaled by the tornado and will have to be taken down.

The Wadena pool buildings' days are numbered, as the city council awarded the demolition bid to TJ Waln Excavating and Hauling of Wadena for $6,049. The pool's tank and deck structure will remain intact, as an engineer's report had shown that they could be salvageable.

The council moved forward with plans for the bike trail along U.S. Highway 71.

Jade Berube of Ulteig Engineers presented the bids to the council.

The council went with the option of Base Bid Alternate 2, which would entail reconstruction of the bike trail's "bad mile" by building the trail up with geotextile fabric, six inches of aggregate and two inches of bituminous; and Additive Alternative 1, which would entail removing the bituminous on the trail south of the "bad mile" and reconstructing it with two inches of aggregate and two inches of bituminous.

The project is being paid for by a DNR grant of up to $200,000, with a matching contribution by the city of up to $66,667.

"They pay for 75 cents of every dollar up to that amount of $266,667," Berube said.

The low bidder was Tri-City Paving, Inc. of Little Falls, with a total of $223,368 leaving room for other expenses.

The city would be allowed to reapply by Oct. 31 to work on the northernmost part of the trail.

The council approved a new 2011 Dodge Charger police car from Nelson Auto Center at $23,491. The council also approved $4,880 in police equipment, for a total of $28,371. The budget allowed up to $29,500.

The council authorized a grant agreement which included quotes for airport equipment: a Sno Go Blower at $110,789.30 and a Cat 928HZ at $183,259.68.

The city had requested a 95 percent federal grant with a 5 percent match from the city.

The council approved the purchase of a Toro mower for the parks at $46,169.25.

The council approved Auto Valu at $5,200 plus tax for a street steamer, which was under the budget of $6,000.

The council approved M.G. Concrete Specialties of Wadena for $8,709 for repairing curbs and gutters.

Doug's Plumbing Service, at $9,500, was awarded the bid for adding some sewer and water to some of the sites in the campground that did not have them. It was under the budget of $12,500.

The council approved Aereation Industries International at $7,575 for an aerator for the sewer plant.