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Minnesota Legislative Manual 2011-2012

Adult Fiction

"Acceptable Loss" - Anne Perry. "Give her a good murder and a shameful social evil," The New York Times Book Review once declared, "and Anne Perry can write a Victorian mystery that would make Dickens's eyes pop." And Perry's new William and Hester Monk story, a mesmerizing masterpiece of innocence and evil on London's docks, outshines all her previous novels in this successful and beloved series. When the body of a small-time crook named Mickey Parfitt washes up on the tide, no one grieves; far from it. But William Monk, commander of the River Police, is puzzled by the expensive silk cravat used to strangle Parfitt. How did this elegant scarf--whose original owner was obviously a man of substance--end up imbedded in the neck of a wharf rat who richly deserved his sordid end?

"Back of Beyond" - C. J. Box. This book is just what a mystery thriller should be: a wild ride through twists and turns with rogue characters that have depth of spirit and lots of baggage. This book is a page-turner with characters the reader gets to know well. It's well-plotted and everything comes together just when it's supposed to; no red herrings and no deus ex machina. Box knows exactly how to plot his book so that each page brings the reader closer to crisis and then conclusion. There is the dark side that is required in order for good to prevail and there are lots of cold, dark pathways that wind their way to a fine conclusion.

"Clean" - Amy Reed. I love "issues" books. When I read about "Clean" awhile back, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I've never read Amy Reed's previous book, "Beautiful," but now I definitely know I need to check it out. "Clean" follows several teens through rehab. As referenced early on in the book by one of the characters they are sort of the "Breakfast Club" of rehab. Each teen is so different! You have the perfect little rich girl, the promiscuous pretty girl, a Christian boy who just might be gay, a jock with an attitude problem, and an angry emo chick. At first I got a bit overwhelmed, because you are thrown into a chapter with a mini-intro to each character. It took me awhile to sort out who was who. Once I knew the basics of each character I was drawn to the story. My favorite chapters were the ones in which the five were filling out a form that asked them questions about how they got where they were. The characters' attitudes shined through, yet you were able to see the vulnerability of each character while getting to know why they had a tough exterior.

"Changing the Game" - Jaci Burton

"Clean" - Amy Reed

"Merciless" - Diane Palmer

"Savor the Danger" - Lori Foster

"Secrets of the Wolves" - Dorothy Hearst

"The Ideal Man" - Julie Garwood

"The Silent Girl" - Tess Gerritsen

"The Sword - Last Cavalers, Bk. 2" - Gilbert Morris

"This Dark Endeavor" - Kenneth Oppel

"Victory and Honor" - W.E.B. Griffin

Graphic Novels

"Anita Blake:The Laughing Corpse:Necromancer" - Laurill K. Hamilten

"Yo Gi Oh! GX Vol. 7"

Adult Non Fiction

"Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life" - Richard Rohr

"Genealogy online for Dummies" - 6th Edition

"Gluten Free in Five Minutes" - Ryberg

"Primal Body Primal Mind Beyond the Paleo Diet" - Nora R. Gedqaudas

"The Great American Awakening" - Jim Demint

"Simply Sugar SS & GF Gluten Free" - Amy Green

"The Founding of America"

"Thunder Dog" - Michael Hingson (Bio)

"Urban Homesteading, Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living" - Rachel Kaplan

Large Print Fiction

"Beloved Captive" - Kathleen Y'Barbo

"Betsy's Return" - Brunstetter

"Dining with Joy" - Rachel Hauck

"Kelly's Chance" - Brunstetter

"Love Starts with Elle" - Rachel Hauck

"Murder in Plain Sight" - Marta Perry

"Sweet Caroline" - Rachel Hauck

"Swinging on a Star" - Janice Thompson

Junior Fiction

"A Good Night for Ghosts" - Osborne (Magic Tree House0

"Dogs in the Dead of Night" - Osborne (Magic Tree House)

"Just Run" - Deb Loughead (Sports Stories)

"Swim to Win" - Vallery Hyduk (Sports Stories)

"The Zombie Project" - Gertrude Warner (Boxcar Children)

"Total Offence" - Robert Rayner (Sports Stories)

"Vampire Breath" - R.L.Stine (Goosebumps)

Junior NonFiction

"VIP Pass to a Pro Baseball Game Day" - Clay Latimer

Easy Reader

"Ocean Life" - Guiberson


"Bear With Me" - Max Kornell

"Blackout" - John Rocco

"Of Colors and Things" - Tana Hoban

"Orangutan Tongs" - Jon Agee

"Scaredy Squirrel Books" - Watt

"Tia Isa Wants a Car" - Meg Medina

"You're Finally Here" - Melanie Watt


"Amityville Horror"

"Arthur w/ Russell Brand"

"Full House, Seasons 5 & 6"

"Gnomeo & Juliet"

"Green Hornet"

"Home Improvement, Seasons 1-8"

"Jag, Season 5"

"Just Go With It"

"Milo and Otis"

"Mythbusters, Collection 5"

"National Lampoon Vacation"

"No Strings Attached"

"South Riding"

"The Founding of America"

"The Lincoln Lawyer"


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