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Marla Hardy

A new week and a new friend, that's what went through my mind when I met Marla Hardy. Marla comes to live under our big roof from Brainerd, where she was born in 1961. Her father is Clarence Hardy and her mother is Fran.

Marla attended high school in Brainerd and finished in Montana. Her jobs were as waitress and tending bar. She also worked in Helena, Mont. Her husband's name was Mark Stegner and they have five children.

Marla has had an active life, until an accident left her with only the use of her arms and hands. Marla is an LPN and has nursed in Brainerd.

One of Marla's favorite jobs was doing volunteer work at a place called Birthright, a home for unwed young mothers. It was there they found encouragement, found caring friends when they felt alone, and were counseled. She thinks it would be nice if there was one in Wadena.

When Marla learned of her disabilities she didn't fight fate, she accepted it and is taking advantage of what remains. She keeps up with the news, likes to read and visit. She is on the popular library list who get books.

As for a hobby, Marla is attracted to painting, she thinks perhaps she could draw. She would like to paint a picture in watercolor, if only there was someone with an hour a week to spare to help start her out.

Fall is dropping his calling cards, hinting about what we already know is next. Goldenrod, a for-sure sign of fall, blooms long our roadside. Our resident squirrels are working like crazy, and our duck and goose populations are beginning to argue between themselves, sorting out problems.

They must decide where they will spend the winter, which ones will be asked to join their group, and when to start. From now on even their call will take on a plaintive note.

When the flock leaves there is always one coming along behind, winging like crazy. I wonder, does he ever catch up?