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Old Wadena Rendezvous

Arvid Williams, Draven Lane and Jim Wistler practice the bow and arrow.1 / 8
Olivia and Clara Neal help build a birdhouse, which was one of the kids' activities at Old Wadena Rendezvous.2 / 8
Mike and Diane Hoffmann re-enact the work of an 1840s blacksmith.3 / 8
Linda Breitag interacts with the audience in call and response with French-Canadian songs, accompanied by her guitar-playing husband Ray Makeever.4 / 8
Canoeing is one of the things to do at the Old Wadena Park.5 / 8
The Clockwork Clown, Emerald Kelley, imitates walking on a tightrope.6 / 8
Rin Porter demonstrates the spinning wheel under a tent.7 / 8
Father and son act Tim and Myles Thompson perform jazz and folk music.8 / 8