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Theisen visits us at Fair Oaks

This story belongs to Richard Theisen, a well-known man in Wadena. Although the Theisens' home was in Wadena, Richard was born in St. Paul in 1931. His father's name was Arthur and his mother was Irma. He has one sister. Arthur worked for the Wadena Fountain Supply in Wadena.

Richard graduated from Wadena High School. He was able to get three years of college in before that uncle in Washington needed him, wouldn't you know it. He was in the PX (Post Exchange), stationed both in Korea and Japan.

After the service Richard worked with his father for 15 years, then it was to Young's Jobbing House in Perham for the next 15 years. He retired in 1989.

Richard likes classical music. He took piano lessons for a time from Sister Cecelia. He also spent many enjoyable hours taking scenery pictures with his 35 mm Canon camera.

Richard has always supported local sports by attending as many games as possible. He is also a Twins fan.

Incidentally, the worst place he has lived in was in Korea. The most important person Richard saw was General Eisenhower when he came to St. Cloud. If he could have finished college, Richard thinks he may have become a history teacher, or something in photography.

If he could travel, Richard would like to see Japan again. Trips to Germany and Australia might have been enjoyable.

When it comes to famous people Richard would like to visit, it didn't take him long to come up with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

It was only a short fall that made back surgery necessary along with bruises that makes it necessary for Richard to spend time under our big roof.