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Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Demolition and Removal of Pool Building

310 7th St. SW

Wadena, MN 56482

The City of Wadena is accepting written

proposals from contractors interested in pro-

viding demolition and removal of the Wade-

na swimming pool buildings which are locat-

ed at 310 7th St. SW, Wadena, MN.

The work shall consist of the demolition of

the cement block walls, remaining roof de-

bris, floors, footings, plumbing piping, electri-

cal wires, and other materials that remain in

the two structures at the site, the existing

pool tank and deck structure shall remain in-

tact during the demolition and protected by

the contractor, existing supply and return

piping located outside and below the "tank"

to be removed. Care must be taken to pro-

tect the tank structure and city water service

currently feeding the complex during the

demolition project. Other items to be com-

pleted include capping of existing storm and

sanitary sewer lines currently hooked up in-

side the structure, hauling in appropriate

clean fill material, including top soil and

seeding of disturbed areas, and disposal of

all demolition materials removed at a certi-

fied disposal site. (Disposal fees to be paid

by contractor, and included as a separate

line item bid price submitted with the propo-

sal) The City of Wadena requires that a

demolition permit be obtained by the con-

tractor prior to commencing work on the pro-

ject. NOTE:

Existing safety fencing may be removed

during demolition activities, provided the

work site be re-fenced during non work

hours, once project is completed existing

safety fencing shall be re-installed around

the remaining pool tank by the contractor, re-

maining fencing to be salvaged and remain

property of city.

Persons with questions regarding this

demolition project can contact Ron Bucholz,

Public Works Director, 1-218-631-7705. Pro-

posals shall be submitted to Bradley Swen-

son, City Administrator PO Box 30, Wadena,

MN 56482 until 4:30 PM Thursday, Septem-

ber 8th, 2011. All work to be completed by

November 1st, 2011. The City of Wadena re-

serves the right to accept or reject any/or all


Prior to award of proposal, successful con-

tractor shall provide listing of equipment to

be used, schedule to complete work, desig-

nated disposal site, copy of contractors insu-

rance policy (1,000,000 liability limit) listing

the City of Wadena as additionally insured,

and 3 job related work projects completed

within the last year by the contractor.

Bradley A Swenson

City Administrator

118555-1304011 8/20-8/27