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Pool buildings set for removal

Whether or not the Wadena municipal swimming pool will be rebuilt, the shower house is going down after the results of an engineer's report said most of the facilities were not salvageable.

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, the city council approved Mayor Wayne Wolden's motion to remove everything but the tank.

"The one building is already gone, the second building they recommended to be taken down," City Adminitrator Brad Swenson said, adding that FEMA might refund at least part of the cost of rebuilding the facility if the city decided to bring back the outdoor pool.

According to the report by USAquatics, the existing municipal swimming pool in Wadena is in need of renovations to maintain current operations and in need of significant renovations to make the facility code compliant and extend the operational lifetime.

The shower house building is not ADA compliant, and was totaled anyway, so if the pool is rebuilt it would have to be redesigned.

The report said that the suction and pool water return fittings were not compliant with federal law.

While the pool has one main drain, the report recommends a dual drain system.

The Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Law, which went into effect for pools more than 4 feet deep as of Jan. 1, 2011, requires less powerful suction systems. It was named after a 6-year-old from Edina who died several months after being disemboweled by an improperly uncovered wading pool drain.

When the tornado hit the pool on June 17, 2010, it was just a day past its 52nd birthday. The pool first opened June 16, 1958, according to a 2003 Pioneer Journal article.