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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 10, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Young man with big job

Hewitt Mayor Luke Mitchell, 25, drives a big truck, is transforming an old school bus into a camper and loves riding his four-wheeler, but it is his position as one of the youngest mayors in the history of Hewitt, population 268, that has taken him on the ride of his life.

"I figured I would learn a whole lot, and I have learned a lot," Mitchell said about his experience since becoming mayor when he was the ripe old age of 23.

• New priest joins two area congregations

St. Ann's and St. John the Baptist Catholic Churches in Wadena and Bluffton welcomed a new priest this summer after the St. Cloud Diocese made changes.

Father Donald Wagner came to the area at the end of June from St. Edwards parish in Princeton, Minn. He had been at the Bluffton church before, so he is familiar with the area.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 16, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Abandoned Hewitt building to be razed

In the past few months, the city of Hewitt has seen some new buildings and additions go up. Soon it will see one old building come down.

Hewitt Clerk Marsha Hansen told the city council Aug. 6 that Todd County accepted a bid of $4,700 from Comstock Construction of Fergus Falls to demolish the vacant building next to the fire hall.

• Volleyball starts season

With the Wadena-Deer Creek volleyball legacy already established, players began their practice schedule last Monday.

"We were conference champions last year and we'd like to repeat, but it will be tough," Coach Sue Volkmann said.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 12, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Bike-A-Thon for nuclear protest

Andrew Blauvelt and company arrived in Wadena last Wednesday, during his 200 mile trek through Congressional District 7, protesting nuclear arms. From Wadena he was joined by Terry Olson, Roes Shank and Jane Bagstead.

• Honoring Eric Peltoniemi

Friday night's performance of "VIKING!" was a special one, honoring Wadena's Eric Peltoniemi, who composed the sound score for the theatre. Jerry Allen, general manager and producer, said of Peltoniemi, "I have seen many plays such as this, and heard a lot of music, Eric's is the most beautiful, and by far the best."

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 12, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Annual 'Swim In' Saturday

Wadena's Municipal Swimming Pool will sponsor a Free Day Saturday, Aug. 14, at the pool.

Just as in past years, the kids are to bring towels, radios and their lunches. Swimming will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude at 10 p.m.

• Cutee Shop in Wadena schedules grand opening

Thursday (today), Friday and Saturday marks the grand opening of the Cutee Shop across the street east from the Post Office building in Wadena.

Offered are bargains galore during this Grand Opening.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 16, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• At Wadena, he was on way to Wadena

A Canadian visitor on his way to Wadena, stopped at Wadena Tuesday morning, but was still about 600 miles from Wadena.

August J. Breitung, botanist from the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada, motoring to Tisdale, Sask., Canada, via Fargo, noted on his map there was a Wadena, Minn., and he wanted to visit the town, because he was on his way to visit friends at Wadena, Sask., Canada, and wanted to tell them he had already been at Wadena.

• Editorial: Has familiar ring

The attacks on Senator Joe McCarthy remind us of the abuse heaped on those who accused Alger Hiss of treason and they are not going to fool very many. In their extremity they are calling on Senator Taft to repudiate the Wisconsin senator but it is our guess that Taft feels McCarthy is doing a necessary work and doing it well. Were it not for our McCarthys, Nixons and others who are genuinely alarmed over the large number of Communists occupying key positions in the government in Washington our plight would be most serious. Thanks to these alert and fearless public servants, communists no longer work openly for the overthrow of our government and its institutions and as the people get the facts their influence will continue to diminish until they will be but a disagreeable memory.