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Area residents sound off on debt ceiling deal

The U.S. Government averted a default when a debt ceiling deal was struck by Aug. 2, and some Wadena area residents gave their two cents about the multi-trillion dollar issue while at the Thursday morning farmers' market and on Facebook.

"I don't like the fact that they raised the debt ceiling. I even liked the fact less that they didn't do more cuts," Ray Buettner said. "It's unsustainable what we're heading for."

Tom Hostad said the wrong things were being unnecessarily cut.

"They should take care of everybody that needs help... instead of trying to cut everybody off," he said.

Some said there was a double standard for elected officials and ordinary citizens.

"I think they need to look at the benefits and what they receive - the Congress itself - I mean, the rest of us are fighting to pay our medical premiums, and they don't look at themselves and realize just the type of benefits they have. And if the rest of us are sacrificing, why aren't they?" Brenda Schwartz said.

"They lack financial discipline pure and simple. I would like to raise my personal debt ceiling, especially in this economy. But I would just get shown the door and have to deal with it," Facebook user Sandra Silbernagel wrote.

Facebook user Paul F. Carlson said that legislators are elected and re-elected to obtain funding for local projects.

"We need to examine our reasons for voting as we do and accept the fact that we share responsibility for this situation. If we vote based on our self-interest, can we expect our elected officials to do different?" he commented.

General dissatisfaction and disgust was a common reaction.

"I think everybody should be kicked out, and start all over again," Tammy Frederickson said.

"I'm so disgusted with that, I don't even want to think about it," Archie Coson said, adding that if politicians can't get their act together, we should start over fresh.

Others said the situation, while far from ideal, could have been worse.

"As a deployed soldier overseas I welcome it even though it is not the best solution. It is the best solution that could be agreed upon by both sides," Michael Pickar commented on Facebook.

"I'm just glad they got something done. I'm hoping that the rest of them... can get together and really get something done. Get this economy going again," Rick Schwartz said.