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Hewitt museum upgraded

Photos provided by Michael Dagen The finished product shows two murals covering the windows of the upper floor of the Hewitt history museum.1 / 2
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Hewitt has stepped out as being a town that respects and values its past. With the aid of grants, its century-old school building, unique and one of a kind, has been given new life.

A new roof was put on, strides were made to attack the inside, and replacing a host of broken and cracked custom windows circa 1910 came next. A number of round window panes, long narrow ones, as well as some 10-inch square ones are to be dealt with.

Again funds, or the lack of thereof, came up since there are too many windows to fix this summer. How could those put on hold, be made more appealing?

Then artists' names, Amber Fletschock of Hewitt and Robert Meszaros of Brainerd came up. They would cover the offending windows with murals of street scenes of early Hewitt taken from black and white photographs.

Last week the murals went up. An especially touching one, done by Fletshock and her helper Jamie Peterson, depict nine somber young men in World War I Army uniforms standing in front of the Hewitt depot.

If smiles are missing, it could be because it was the last picture taken before boarding a train, their destination a battlefield in France. The men are George Walters, Burr Baumgartner, Ira Russell, Russell Linnell, Ben Denny, Henry Stark, August Sellnow and Art Piepcorn.

The museum is open each Saturday and Sunday from 12 until 4 p.m.