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July 26

• Police responded to a call of an intoxicated man wearing a green Brett Favre jersey at an apartment complex. They recognized the man as someone who had recently been released from custody from Otter Tail County, and he was on probation restrictions that forbade him drinking. He had a blood alcohol content of 0.18 and was arrested.

July 27

• A man was reportedly on a drinking binge of about a week, and police were asked to check on his welfare. Police found the man intoxicated and naked from the waist down at a residence. Prior to the call they checked and learned he was on probation and was to abstain from alcohol and drugs. He dressed himself and was taken into custody.

• Another man who was on probation and not allowed to drink alcohol as a condition of his release was arrested when police walked into a Wadena establishment and found him at the bar with a beer in his hand. After a breathalyzer showed an alcohol content of .06, he was taken into custody.

• Police responded to a report of one woman pounding on the car of another woman. The incident stemmed from a child custody dispute, and police advised the two women to go to court and have the issue settled before a judge.

• A man called a Wadena business roughly a dozen times in one day, and told one of the employees there that he loved her. The man had called excessively in the past, and had been told he was only allowed to call the business owner -- a request he had honored for about a year, but he sounded intoxicated now and was calling over and over. The police contacted the man and told him he cannot continue to make excessive phone calls to the business.

• A Wadena woman reported damage to her vehicle, which was parked in front of her residence. The officer documented a headlight assembly that was broken, and had green paint transfer on it. There was also additional damage reported.

• Police directed traffic for about a half hour while a train blocked two intersections along U.S. Highway 10 in Wadena. One intersection, on Second Street, remained open.

• A man reported the theft of a pull-behind lawnmower attachment for an ATV.

• A caller reported everything in his cabin was missing -- clothes, a dresser, etc. The man said it didn't appear the home was entered forcibly.

• A dump truck caught fire. The truck was parked in a field and an electrical fire started under the hood.

• Police responded to a family dispute. A boy had punched multiple holes in doors, which apparently is "what happens when he gets mad." A woman also complained that she nearly lost a finger when a man tried to pull an engagement ring off the finger forcibly. Police arrested the man for that incident.

July 28

• A man reported hearing a gunshot in Wadena around 1:30 a.m.

• Police arrested a man on an Otter Tail County warrant for a drug crime. The man was found hiding in the shower of his half-brother's apartment.

• A hit-and-run accident was reported to a pickup at a Wadena business. The truck's owner said she went inside the business and came out to discover her passenger side had been hit, which she believed had happened while she was inside. The vehicle, which is red, had white paint transfer on it.

• Firefighters responded to a report of a grass fire behind Oasis Spas.

• Sheriff's deputies assisted at the scene of an apparent suicide in the woods north of Staples.

• Authorities investigated an incident at a Wadena County residence. A man there said a female acquaintance had come into his home, slapped him while he was sleeping, took $140 from the home, and threw some things around. He said he didn't want her to get in any trouble, though.

July 29

• A woman called police to report her neighbor had buried dead fish in her yard, and the smell was overwhelming. She said the neighbor also urinates outside his garage frequently. She said the neighbor drinks a lot, but was a friendly guy. Police spoke to the neighbor, who was "intoxicated but polite," according to the officer's report. He agreed to dig up the fish and move them to his own garden. He also apologized for urinating in public.

• A woman apparently fell off a Friendly Rider transit bus. An ambulance was called.

July 30

• A 19-year-old man was pulled over in Wadena on suspicion of drunk driving. The man said he had a few drinks at the county fair. There were also three passengers in the vehicle, one of them was 18, another was 17 and a third was 14. The driver said some of his passengers had also been drinking, but he didn't say where. The 18- and 17-year-olds registered alcohol in their system when police gave a breathalyzer, but the 14-year-old did not.

• A 17-year-old called police to say he had just been involved in road rage incident. The boy said he was trying to turn into the fairgrounds but the parking lot was full, so he continued along on U.S. Highway 10. He said the car that had been trailing him very closely then passed him on the right and cut him off. The driver got out, according to the boy, and came over and reached into the boy's car, grabbing him by the neck and calling him a "punk." The man then retreated to his car, where he retrieved a sandwich, and threw it at the boy's car. The man was driving a Pontiac Grand Prix with Texas plates.

• A caller from a Wadena County campground reported the facilities had been turned into a "drunk fest" by a large party there, and said they were skinny dipping and running through the camping area nude.

July 31

• A boy who was roughly 13 years old entered a Wadena store and stood around the cash registers. The store employees had suspected him of shoplifting in the past, and when they thought they saw him put something in his pocket, they asked what he had in that pocket. He reached in and showed them a pack of unopened playing cards. They asked where he got them, and he said he bought them elsewhere. They asked to see a receipt, and he said he didn't have one. He then left the playing cards behind and left the store, pedaling away on his bike. Store personnel tried to follow him, but he eventually lost them.

Aug. 1

• A possible fire was reported at a residence in Wadena. An electric stove was causing some sparking. An officer investigated and found some water had been leaking near a 220-volt outlet where an electric stove was plugged in. The breaker had tripped, but not before a small amount of burning around the outlet had occurred.

• A church north of Staples reported some damage due to apparent vandalism.

• A man allegedly spit at and tried to slap a woman while she was holding a child. The man was arrested.

Aug. 2

• Local authorities assisted the U.S. Marshal's Office with the pick up of a non-compliant predatory offender.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.