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Living History

PJ file photo A possible tornado destroyed the Clark Borchers barn and silo two miles north of Deer Creek in this photo from the August 2, 1951 Pioneer Journal.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the July 27, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena County Fair is here

The 113th annual Wadena County Fair begins Thursday (today) and features lots of fun family events. The gate admission to the fair is free.

Fran Kueker, Ag Society president, said one of the exciting new events this year is the Extreme 4x4 Challenge. It is the grand stand event and features an obstacle course and mud pit for trucks.

• Depot work set for this autumn

Renovations to Burlington Northern Park Depot could begin this fall after nearly a decade of discussion and planning.

"We're looking at the depot to be the center of tourism and an example of historical preservation in the area," said Kay Browne, depot project manager.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the August 2, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Holiday Station remodeled

The Holiday Station Store located on the corner of U.S. Highways 71 and 10 in Wadena has had a face lift.

The log exterior of the station is entirely new. The station was formerly a large, gray, brick and steel building.

• Bridge celebration

A hundred close friends and neighbors attended the 100-year-old bridge birthday party on Clarence and Mary Horsager's rural Verndale farm July 29. The Horsagers moved the bridge to their property this spring after the township replaced the old bridge. The party program included bluegrass music, a magic show and storytelling.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the July 29, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• From Sports Comments by Lyle Freer

Drug use and drug testing are getting a lot of attention because of the deaths of Len Bias and Don Rogers. It's unfortunate that deaths of the famous or well known are necessary to bring the problem into sharp focus. Drug use is no more prevalent among athletes than among the general population and perhaps less prevalent but because they are role models they are more visible.

• Seat belts required in Minnesota Aug. 1, 1986

Minnesota became the 20th state in the nation to pass a mandatory seat belt use law earlier this year. The legislation takes effect Friday, Aug. 1.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the July 29, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Two sportsman's clubs resolve to merge

A resolution for association was introduced Tuesday night, July 27, by the Knob Hill Sportsman's Club with the Wadena Rod and Gun club which was agreed upon.

Former members of the Wadena Rod and Gun club were urged to join the Knob Hill group which was organized the former Wadena AFS and to participate actively.

• Teen Challenge to present film

Teen Challenge will present the film "Unhooked," August 1st at the Staples High School cafeteria, 8 p.m.

The film will present the drug problem and its effect on the body. It will then present the power of Christ to overcome the habit.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the August 2, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Farmers behind storm see funnel cloud form and strike

The storm of Thursday which struck in Deer Creek area during the noon hour was of a very destructive nature. Strong winds, heavy rain and hail prevailing. Three or four farmers within about three miles of the village found their barns and silos badly damaged when the storm abated.

Several farmers working in fields back of the storm watched the strange cloud gradually form in to a funnel and sweep down over Leaf River. This apparently was the thing that wrecked the many barns and silos and did the other numerous damages within the vicinity.

• Livestock survives burial beneath barn

In one of the oddities of last Thursday's storm, was the escape of livestock from the Ralph Lorentz barn when it was demolished by wind. Members of the family had just completed putting the last load of hay in the mow of the barn, and closed the hay mow door moments before the storm broke, and as the last member left the barn he noted the presence of seven young pigs and two calves in the structure.

About 20 minutes later when they were able to go to the demolished building, they went to the corner where the pigs were seen. Grunts could be heard, and when they peeked in a crack between the foundation and the base of the structure, they saw the pigs, and at the same time the pigs saw them. In surprised fashion the pigs came scampering out of the small crevice -- all seven of them.

Observation was then made through the debris for the calves. One could be seen pinned beneath a large beam, dead. The next morning, however, as workmen started to raise the beam to extricate the dead calves, one came scrambling from beneath the debris -- took one hasty look at his rescuers, and raced off to the pasture.