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Margaret Roggenkamp

A new friend, Margaret Roggenkamp, moved into Fair Oaks Apartments this week. Tony, her husband, is a resident in Fair Oaks Lodge. Margaret was born in 1927 in Minneapolis to George and Laura Wynn. Margaret went through high school there where her father drove a truck.

When she was 18 years old they moved to the Wadena area where Laura had relatives. In fact, it was at one of these relatives' homes in Bluffton that Margaret met Tony Roggenkamp. They moved onto a farm, Tony's choice of a job. One of Tony's sisters married Margaret's brother.

Tony did not care much about traveling to other countries. Being in Japan in the Army cured his wanderlust for other places. He liked it on his farm just fine, thank you very much. It was a great place to raise their nine kids.

During the years, after her family was older, Margaret worked in the deli department for eight years at Fix's Foods. She cooked the meat, as in frying chicken, fixing barbecued ribs, and roasts. Salads came ready to go in big pails.

They moved into Wadena for 9 years, then back out to a 40-acre hobby farm west of Hewitt. Tony's leg problems make it necessary to live where there is help. Margaret's next move was here where she can visit Tony each day.

It was not all work on the Roggenkamp farm. They played Whist with neighbors sometimes on those long winter evenings. With all those boys they played many a horseshoe game and belonged to a team in Wadena. They danced in Bluffton, Aldrich, Clarissa and Wadena. Both Tony and Margaret liked to read.

Looking back, Margaret would change very little even if she could. Not that she needed that broken hip, but she can walk and is getting fine.