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A rock hunter and Scrabble master

This week a gent by the name of Dean Kingsley gets the story spotlight. Dean was born in Wadena in 1947 to Morse and Edith Kingsley. He has two sisters. Morse owned and operated Kingsley Press in Wadena many years, while Edith was a telephone operator for 30 years, then as a bookkeeper for their business. Tillie Kingsley, Morse's mother, also worked in the press.

Morse's special interest was as a rock hound. Some of Dean's most pleasant times were going along with his father. Morse hunted rocks as close to home as Browerville and Brainerd or as far away as Montana. The last trip they had miserable weather. A mixture of rain and snow came down so they cut the trip short. Morse made beautiful jewelry after the rocks had been in the tumbler and polisher.

Another trip that was special was the time Dean and his father went to LaCrosse to pick up a big printing press for their business.

Dean likes to spend time with his friends. He and Matt, a friend, went to Itasca Park and other places. A cabin on Lake Superior would come in handy for a bit of each year, but his favorite is a place called Hiawatha Valley. It is beautiful there, but he wouldn't want to live anywhere but in Fair Oaks Apartments in Wadena.

Dean believes in taking a walk each day. He is an avid follower of the Twins and saw a great game between them and the Yankees. Other thoughts are he reads the Pioneer Journal for news and thinks the Friendly Rider to be the most appreciated and important improvement ever. He believes getting that four lane highway through town should be next.

Sitting around is not for Dean. He is a man who likes to keep busy. When nothing else is going on he likes to play cards.

We know that the only absolutes in life are death and taxes. However, if you ever find yourself heading for a game of Scrabble with Dean, come prepared to lose.