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Request for Quotes

Request for Quotes



The City of Wadena is accepting written

quotes for bituminous overlay existing pave-

ment on the following listed streets:

Full width paving: Garfield Ave SW - Jef-

ferson St. SW to 1st St. SW (no milling re-

quire Parkview Ave- Sunnybrook Rd to End

of Street ( mill 4ft. by curb) Summit Ave-

Sunnybrook Rd to Parkview Ave ( mill 4 ft.

by curb)

Optional: South half of VFW Parking lot (1

3/4" compacted)

Quote shall include all skill, labor, materi-

als and equipment necessary to complete

the project as identified below.

This work is to include milling a 3 ft. edge

on each side of streets as per above listing,

to provide a "match line" for the asphalt left

in place, and placing a 1 va in. compacted

bituminous on all streets identified per MN

Dept. of Transportation Standard Construc-

tion Specifications. Payment for the work

shall be made based on a cost per square

yard milled, and the asphalt based on per

ton laid in place. All associated work neces-

sary to complete the project shall be includ-

ed in the two bid prices submitted. Asphalt

millings shall be hauled to a site designated

by the city.

The city is also requesting as (optional) a

proposal from bidders to submit a separate

per ton quote for placing a 1 ^ inch compact-

ed surface on the southerly half of the

VFW/City parking lot This work shall also be

completed as per Mn. Dept. of Transporta-

tion Standard Construction Specifications.

Completion of both of these projects will be

dependant on the bid prices received.

Work to be completed by October 15,

2011. Quotes to be completed on this propo-

sal form and submitted to Bradley Swenson,

City Administrator, City of Wadena, PO Box

30, Wadena, Minnesota 56482 by 4:30 PM

by Wednesday August 3rd, 2011. Proposals

will be reviewed by the Wadena City Council

at its August 9th, 2011 meeting.

Per square yard blacktop milling (Includes

hauling to city stockpile) ________________

Per ton quote overlay paving___________

Per ton quote Optional paving__________

Work will be awarded to the lowest quali-

fied proposal as submitted for each project.

The City of Wadena reserves the right to de-

termine the actual amount of work per-

formed, to reject any or all proposals, and to

award the contract as Council deems in the

best interest of the city.

Questions on the project can be directed

To Ron Bucholz, Public Works Director City

of Wadena, 710 Sunnybrook Rd. Wadena,

Mn. 56482 1-218-631-7705


ADDRESS ________________________

Signature of Contractor Representative


Date ___________________

118555-1286211 7/23/11-7/30/11