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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the July 20, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Two take titles in singing competition

Greg Amudson, a 20-year-old from Miltona, Minn., and Southern-boy-turned-Wadena-boy Mikey Howard wowed the crowd and the judges and walked away the winners of the Colgate Country Showdown Saturday night at the Wadena VFW.

• Trout catches huge muskie

Wadena resident Norie Trout has an ideal name for a fisherwoman and a fish story to match. On Sunday afternoon she accomplished a feat sure to strike envy into the heart of thousands of Minnesota anglers when she landed a 46-and-a-half-inch muskie.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the July 26, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• TRAM Tent City

The Ride Across Minnesota brought 1,200-1,400 cyclists to Wadena Tuesday as volunteers raised money for multiple sclerosis. Sunnybrook Park was transformed into a makeshift metropolis of cyclists as "Tent City" was constructed.

• Future Home of the Cyber Café

Two 10-member teams of volunteers from the Tribal Civilian Community Corps (TCCC) are working in Wadena to help get the Cyber Café up and running.

"This is my first project ever, and it's fun," said TyRal Spottedbear, 18, from New Town, N.D. "It's hard work but we are meeting new people and making friends. We could do anything from renovation work, like here, to helping out after a tornado or natural disaster."

25 years ago

Excerpts from the July 22, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Staples man charged in death of grandfather

Twenty-one-year-old Bryan Dean Smith, Route 2, Staples, appeared stoic when arraigned here in district court July 14 and charged with two counts of second degree murder and first degree manslaughter in the alleged shooting death of his grandfather, Jacob Francis Fellman, 72, July 5 at rural Thomastown Township, Wadena County.

According to the District Court complaint, Smith and Fellman began arguing about Smith's relationship with Smith's wife sometime during the night of July 4 and the early morning hours of July 5.

• Kern exhibits at Wadena county fair for 60 consecutive years

Melvin Kern of rural Wadena while exhibiting eight head of registered Guernsey cattle at the Wadena County Fair July 17-20 attained the 60th year mark where he was joined by his wife, Marian, and members of their immediate family.

Kern was presented a special plaque congratulating him on this achievement by Wadena county fair president, Bob Sliter, on behalf of the county fair board.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the July 22, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• H-B loan approved for building of new $2,100,000 hospital here

Wesley Hospital Board of Directors President Jack Browne at a news conference Tuesday morning attended by the news media, hospital and auxiliary members announced plans for the construction of a new $2.1 million hospital to be located on the block west of the present building.

In making the announcement, Browne commended Wesley Hospital administrator Earl Schillo and the board of directors for their cooperation in completing the ground work that was necessary in gaining the Minnesota State Board of Health's approval of this new 56-bed hospital. Browne said that Schillo's efforts in working with the Health Department and the Board of Directors in obtaining the Hill-Burton loan for $1,900,000 of the necessary 2.1 million dollar hospital was outstanding.

Board President Browne in making the formal announcement of the construction of the new hospital facility here said, "It is one of the greatest things that has happened to Wadena and surrounding communities in recent years. It is one of the largest single constructions to be authorized in central Minnesota."

• Swamper Soccer tonight at Wadena County Fair

Start with one big bouncy ball. Add eight buzzing all-terrain vehicles. Stir in two teams of fearless drivers and you've got the recipe for America's fast growing motorized mania: "Swamper Soccer," that is featured tonight (Thursday) at the grandstand of the County Fair.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the July 26, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena man in Bangkok tells of uprising

Milan McClelland of Bangkok, Thailand, writing to his mother, Mrs. Grace McClelland in Wadena tells of the uprising he experienced there late in June. "Micky" is with the State Department, and as he stated in the letter, had a ring-side seat for the affair, "which was humorous after it was over, but was reminded of World War II days when the artillery let loose and the bullets were flying."

In the kidnapping of the Thailand prime minister, McClelland said it was a badly organized affair, but in the day and a half the battle raged, considerable damage was done.

• County fair gates swing open Monday

County Agent Miles G. Rowe states that 4-H boys and girls of the county are coming in a little faster than usual with their entry lists and it appears as though there will be as many entries in the garden and clothing division as last year. "However," stated Rowe, "hail in the Oylen and Nimrod area last week wiped out many of the 4-H gardens in that area."