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Event liquor licenses in peril because of government shutdown

The Minnesota government shutdown has affected the sale of liquor and impacted special events requesting a license.

The Wadena City Council approved a temporary liquor license for the Nite Owl to serve at the Wadena County Fair -- on condition that the state government reaches an agreement and resumes non-essential functions.

The council approved a municipal beer license for the Nite Owl in case the state was still shut down and unable to process liquor applications.

"As normal, the council authorizes these, and then they get sent off to the state, and then the state issues it. We all know that the state's not working right now," Swenson said. "The city can issue a beer license without the state."

He added that the temporary liquor licenses for the Elks approved at previous council meetings - for the August 6 Pig and Wings cook-off and the Aug. 20 Kruisin for Kids fundraiser - were also being held up at the state.

The council also approved a beer license for the Elks events in case the state government was still shut down.

"I think they'll be serving beer," council member Toby Pierce said.