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June 26

• A woman called police to report her ex had hit her on the rear end and tried to grab her breast during a child exchange. She said the man hit her "really hard" on the behind. Police interviewed the man who confirmed they had a confrontation. He said he was upset and frustrated with the woman, and therefore he had grabbed her rear end, but he denied hitting her there. He also said he attempted to grab her breast. The officer asked the man why he attempted to grab her in those areas if he was frustrated. He replied, "she's good with words and I'm not."

June 28

• A man at a Wadena store made a purchase and made small talk about trying to call the clerk and getting the wrong number. He then asked her if she would be at the store if he called later. She said she would. He said if he got the wrong number again he was going to "kill" her. Police tracked the man down later at another location and interviewed him. They were also reviewing store surveillance video of the incident.

June 30

• An employee of a local restaurant had resigned from her job and left her key with the employer, but the employer also wanted a company-issued cell phone to be returned. The employer left a message with the woman, and soon thereafter, her husband showed up at the restaurant, screaming obscenities at the owner and upsetting some customers. The man left and was later contacted by police. He said, "It was a little hot out and I got a little hot-headed," according to a police report.

July 1

• Police investigated a report of a man driving a dirt bike on a neighbor's property. The man was contacted, and he apologized and went back over to the neighbor's to fix any tire ruts he may have created.

July 4

• A possible broken water main was reported on U.S. Highway 10 between First Street and Second Street in Wadena. Water was running out of some buckled pavement.

July 5

• A woman told police she had been drinking with her aunt, and her daughter had been playing with some neighbor kids. The woman was told by her aunt that her daughter had consumed some PineSol. They later believed that it wasn't PineSol, that the girl had gotten Ben Gay on her hands. The two argued about the incident, and the aunt ended up punching the woman. Police interviewed the aunt, who said she had punched her niece, and she'd do it again because she's an idiot, the police report said.

• A caller reported military planes flying over just above tree level. The planes were from Camp Ripley and were doing training maneuvers.

July 6

• A Wadena business owner reported the unauthorized use of the store's credit card. The card had been used for purchase of international transportation through an online site.

• Sheriff's deputies assisted at the scene of a structure fire on Third Avenue Southwest in Verndale.

July 7

• A man was arrested for text messaging a woman who had a restraining order against him. The man allegedly texted "Hi there" and "How r u" to the woman after receiving a copy of an order for protection.

• A door at the Trackside appeared to have been "booted in." The facility was secured.

• An ATV complaint included the detail that an adult and child were driving well beyond the speed limit and the adult and child on it were not wearing helmets.

July 8

• A man reported his company had gone out of business and the bank had seized his assets, and there was a bill collector from Duluth who had made some threatening comments. The bill collector said he was upset he was out some $30,000 and said he was going to come here and "have a talk" with him about not paying.

• Three officers responded to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. A young woman said she and her boyfriend had been arguing, and he threw a drink on her and broke some things in the apartment, but he hadn't hit her. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct.

• A two-vehicle, head-on collision was reported. There were no injuries.

July 9

• A man on Pine View Acres Circle reported his back door had been pried open. Nothing appeared to be missing.

• Deputies assisted with intoxicated people who were swimming in a lake in an area that was blocked off for fireworks.

• An assault at a liquor store in Menahga was reported.

July 10

• A vehicle backed out of a driveway, hit a vehicle on the street, then fled the scene, according to a witness. An officer reconstructed the scene and found a piece of tail light from the offending vehicle that perfectly matched some damage to the rear bumper "like a piece of a puzzle." The officer had that suspect vehicle towed. Shortly thereafter, a man was at the sheriff's office asking about his vehicle. When the officer said he'd like to record a statement from the man, the man said he "hated recorders." The man said he wasn't in an accident with the car. The officer asked him who was driving the car if he wasn't, to which the man thought for some time, smiled and said, "That's what I'd like to know." The man then said he had backed into a tree, which caused the damage, but denied it involved another vehicle. The officer pointed out that didn't match the evidence at the scene. The vehicle was held as evidence.

• A man called police to report an ex-girlfriend was repeatedly texting him in a harassing manner. He said she wasn't threatening or anything, but the texts were unwanted and she wouldn't stop. Police spoke to her about the texts, and she said she wanted nothing to do with the man anymore, either. The police advised her to stop texting him then. Shortly after they finished talking to her, the man called back to report she had just texted him again: "since you called the police this means war."

• Someone apparently "messed with" the pumps at a gas station in Menahga, taking the hoses off the cradles and placing them all on the ground. There wasn't any damage or gas spill, though.

July 11

• A red hatchback dropped a young, male black lab dog off on the side of the road and left quickly.

• Staples firefighters responded to a vehicle blaze which consumed one vehicle and damaged another one that was nearby.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.