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Verndale artist gets shown at NYM Regional Cultural Center

Photo by Rachelle Klemme Karen Heller displays one of her favorite paintings, "Prairie Herbs," oil on canvas from 2005.1 / 3
Karen Heller (left) shows a mixed media piece to Wendy Cannon.2 / 3
A row of landscape paintings shows Minnesota lakes in different seasons.3 / 3

Karen Heller of Verndale has decades of work exhibited at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.

The gallery features her work from 1974 to present. While some of Heller's art has been on display at the Cultural Center before, she said she was excited to have her work up for a solo gallery exhibit.

Relatives, friends and art enthusiasts showed up for a reception on Saturday, July 2.

Heller said that when she was a kid, her grandfather painted with oils, which piqued her interest in art. He gave her some paints, and she has been using her creativity ever since. Oil paint and found objects are among the media she uses, and she said her favorite aspect of creating art is capturing a moment in time.

Heller has recently retired after working at The Depot in Wadena.

"I hope I have more time to paint now that I'm retired," she said.

The exhibit runs until July 30 and is located on the main floor.