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Life as the wife of a cop (and a Kopp)

This week we will hear the story of Lois Kopp. She is under our big roof to get over the effects of a fall. Lois was born on a farm near Park Rapids to Francis and Gladys Potter. She graduated from high school in Park Rapids.

Lois and Joyce Kopp were married in 1951 and life as the wife of a busy law enforcement officer began for Lois.

Law enforcement as a career was all Joyce wanted. He served as a cop in Stillwater, New Brighton and in Le Sueur, where he was the chief of police. A hitch in the Army worked into the mix. Joyce began as chief of police in Wadena in 1972, a spot he held until 1990 when he retired. Lois retired from her job at Homecrest the same year.

The family of a lawman is never without stress. The times Joyce was out there at night were the worst, Lois said. He died in 2010. They have three children.

Lois thinks pharmacy may have been an interesting career, but she wouldn't have traded being the wife of a policeman, not if his name was Joyce Kopp.

The Kopp family liked to camp and fish other places, in Arizona as well as Minnesota.

They liked to travel to Canada, Mexico and France. They enjoyed going on several cruises. With a bit more physical therapy and time, Lois will be back in her home in New York Mills.

Will you be bored if I say our grounds are beautiful? Folks have been enjoying it with watermelon parties.There will be a picnic. Even a church service was held out on the lawn a week or so ago. It was the Busy Homemakers 4-H Club, not the Busy Beavers who planted our flower beds, as well as the Oak Grove ladies.

Our Legacy Garden is a complete joy to all who take the time to enjoy it. Plants are in bloom under the shade of the big trees with a full view of Whiskey Creek. It is a great place to entertain visitors.