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June 28

• A woman phoned police after she got off the phone with someone claiming to be her grandson. When she told the man on the other end of the line that she thought it was a scam, the man hung up. The number was traced to California.

• A woman reported a school bus lawn ornament missing from her yard. The ornament is yellow, lightweight and about two feet long.

• A woman called police to check on a family who had just contacted the clinic. There were seven or eight people there, and they were all lying on the floor and feeling ill and weak, but didn't know why. They hadn't wanted an ambulance, but the caller wasn't sure how they were going to get to the clinic if they were feeling that way.

• A man called the law enforcement center repeatedly with seemingly trivial updates, including "they" were putting gravel on his road, he was making gumbo, he had gotten a shot at the hospital. A deputy was dispatched to talk to the man about his excessive calls. They found the man on his couch wearing no clothes but a T-shirt. He became uncooperative when he was told he was being arrested for harassing calls.

• A rental property had a side of the building shot at with a 12-gauge shotgun. There were no suspects.

June 29

• A man called police because he said he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight the day before, and he had gotten hurt. He said he didn't report the incident then and just wanted an officer present now so there wasn't a problem. The pregnant girlfriend was moving out. While there, police noticed a tarantula spider and advised the owner to get a special exotic animal permit from the city.

• A sculpture at Sunnybrook Park was reported missing. The green bicycle sculpture marked the Leaf River Trail. The piece is four feet tall and five feet long.

July 1

• A woman called police to report a man she had a restraining order against had been across the street, yelling at her about her son. Police interviewed the man, who said he did ask the woman about the children, but he said it wasn't a violation of the restraining order. The police said it was and told him he was under arrest. He said, "no I'm not," and started to walk away. Police ordered him to stop and threatened to tase him, and he eventually complied.

July 2

• A deputy was flagged down on the side of the road because a woman in the camper needed medical help. She had been bitten by a deer tick and was having a hard time breathing. She was administered oxygen until emergency responders arrived.

July 3

• A 14-year-old in Wadena fell from an attic, and sustained head and back injuries.

• A caller reported sometime during the previous night, a vehicle had gone through his fence and up into his yard. A neighbor had a description of the vehicle. The vehicle had also hit a stop sign, and left behind a dealer license plate cover.

• A caller phoned authorities to report there was going to be a fight at White Dog Campsite. The person wouldn't give any other information. Authorities responded and learned of a verbal and physical altercation between two men.

July 4

• A caller reported a man involved in a fight at White Dog Campsite earlier had stolen a vehicle and was headed back there. The caller said the man was drunk and acting crazy, and told the car's owner to help him over at the campsite. When the man refused to get involved, the drunk man said he would show him how serious he was. The drunk man entered a house across the street and started yelling, "come out, you rabbit, and show your white tail," and then discharged a firearm four or five times. He then jumped into the vehicle and drove off.

• A caller reported someone had backed their vehicle into a building in Nimrod.

• A vehicle that had been reported earlier in the day was returned, but it had a smashed windshield and other damage. The owner declined to press charges.

• A caller reported 4-5 kids were jumping into traffic. The kids said they were just swimming in the river.

July 5

• A woman called police after seeing a man hitting another woman in a nearby residence. Police went to that residence and spoke to the man and the woman. The woman there said she had been having nightmares and her husband was just trying to wake her up.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.