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Project Identification: Sealed proposals

shall be received for the remodeling of the

Wadena County Courthouse, located in

Wadena, MN, in accordance with the Con-

struction Documents prepared by BHH Part-

ners Planners/Architects, 650 3rd Avenue

Southeast, Perham, MN 56573.

Project Description: Remodeling Record-

ers' office space.

Basis of Bids: A lump sum bid will be re-

ceived for General Construction Work, in-

cluding mechanical work, as noted in the

Construction Documents. NOTE: Electrical

work to be performed by Platinum Electric,

located in Wadena, MN (218-631-3633).

NOTE: This project is not tax exempt.

Lump sum bids are acceptable.

Bid Date/Time: Bids for the project will be

received until 3:00 p.m. local time on Thurs-

day, July 14th, 2011 and will be publicly

opened at that time.

Examination of the Site: It is required

that bidders visit the site to review existing

conditions at their own convenience. A pre-

set, formal walk-thru will not take place. Con-

tractors shall limit the disruption to staff.

Additional Compensation: Awarded

Contractors shall not receive extra payments

for conditions that can be determined by ex-

amining the site and the Contract Docu-

ments in their entirety.

Bid Opening: Sealed bids shall be re-

ceived and opened publicly at the County

Board Room located within the Wadena

Courthouse. All bidders who are not attend-

ing may mail their bid to:

Char West

Wadena County Auditor/Treasurer

415 S. Jefferson Street

Wadena, MN 56482

Contractor shall be responsible for bids

mailed or delivered to ensure receiver of bids

has bid in possession by the bid opening.

Commencement of Work: Contractor in

receipt of awarded bid and finalization of

contracts shall begin work on Tuesday, July

26th, 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Examination of Documents: Drawings,

Specifications and other Contract Docu-

ments may be examined at the offices of the

Architect, the Owner.

Procurement of Documents: Prime Bid-

ders may secure one (1) set of the Contract

Documents at the office of the Architect

(BHH Partners Planners/Architects, PO Box

185, 650 3rd Avenue Southeast, Perham,

MN 56573) upon deposit of $75.00 per set,

which includes the mailing fee. This deposit

will be refunded if documents are returned to

the office of the Architect in GOOD CONDI-

TION WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS after date of

bid opening. Failure to submit a bonafide bid

proposal or to return documents as indicated

will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Prime Bidders may also purchase a CD

containing pdf files of the Contract Docu-

ments at the Office of the Architect (BHH

Partners, 650 3rd Avenue SE, Perham, MN

56573) for the cost of $50.00 per CD, which

includes the mailing fee. No reduction in

price is available for CDs that are picked up

in person. Purchase is non-refundable. Par-

tial sets or drawing sheets or specification

sections will not be emailed.

Time of Completion: The completion

date for this project is set at August 30th,

2011 (5 weeks). If the project is not complete

at that time, the General Contractor will be

required to pay the owner the sum of

$500/day until the project is complete. After

(5) days of delay, the G.C. will pay the owner

the sum of$1,000/day for each day the pro-

ject remains incomplete.

To clarify:

a. Days that the owner requests no work

shall not be counted against the contractor.

b. Delays by the electrical contractor, if

deemed at no control of the G.C., shall not

be counted against

the contractor.

c. There will be no benefit to the contractor

for early completion of the project prior to the

(30) days.

Bonding and Bidding Requirements:

Performance Bond and a Material and Labor

Payment Bond are not required.

Bid Security: Bid Security is not required.

Right to Reject Bids: The Owner re-

serves the right to reject any and all bids or

parts thereof, to waive any informalities in

bidding, and to award the contract to other

than the lowest bidder if, in the discretion of

the Owner, the interests of the Owner will be

best served thereby. The Owner further re-

serves the right to hold all legitimate propo-

sals for a period of thirty (30) days after the

date fixed for the opening thereof.

Bids Requested By:

Char West

Wadena County Auditor/Treasurer

415 S. Jefferson Street

Wadena, MN 56482

122933-1280507 7/9