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NWS puts together page on June 17 twisters

The National Weather Service has put together a comprehensive page on the outbreak of the storms on the one-year anniversary of the June 17 tornadoes that rampaged across Minnesota.

Details on the storms include the supercells from which the tornadoes originated.

The East Otter Tail EF4 was named Tornado G1. It was the first tornado from Supercell G which tracked from near Holloway, Minn. (2:25 p.m.) to near Northhome, Minn. (6:06 p.m.). Tornado G1 caused one fatality and five injuries, had the longest track of all the tornadoes in the outbreak and was the first of the four EF4 tornadoes.

Supercell G also produced EF0 tornadoes G2 in G3 in Kabekona Corner and Laporte in Hubbard County, as well as hail up to 4.25 inches in diameter.

The Wadena tornado was named Tornado N2. It was the second of three tornadoes from Supercell N which tracked from near Morris, Minn. (3:20 p.m.) to near Longville, Minn. (6:15 p.m.). According to the site, Tornado N2 led to 20 injuries and displaced roughly 100 people from their homes.

Tornado N1 was on the ground for about two minutes in the Wrightstown area and was rated EF1. Tornado N3 struck the Nimrod area and was rated EF0.

East Otter Tail Tornado G1 and Wadena Tornado N2 also had the widest maximum width of the June 17 tornadoes, at 2,288 and 1,936 yards, respectively. Another EF4, Tornado Y8 in Freeborn County, Minn., had 1,760 yards as its maximum width. Tornado J1, the EF4 tornado in Traill County, N.D., was only 150 yards wide - thinner than some EF0s and EF1s. The widest of the four EF3 tornadoes was Tornado Y10 in the Albert Lea area at 1,320 yards.

The summary web page also includes other statistics, plus stories and photos by tornado survivors, spotters and emergency managers. The page features accounts from all over Minnesota, but several stories are from Wadena. A photo provided by Sonia Folger of Alexandria shows the beginning of the East Otter Tail tornado in the Leaf Valley area as seen near the Viking Plaza Mall.

The page was can be accessed at