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• Tri-County Health Care works with the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank to offer family members the opportunity of eye donation. Tri-County Health Care facilitates referrals for eye, tissue and organ donation, according to requirements established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission.

The Minnesota Lions Eye Bank recognized Tri-County Health Care staff for their Gift of Sight referrals leading to more than 30 eye donors. The generosity of these donors and their families resulted in more than 48 cornea transplants and 10 corneas or whole eye devoted to medical research and education.

"There are few things more precious than the gift of sight," said Lois Miller, R.N. "Thanks to the generosity of the donors and their families and the dedication of our staff at Tri-County Health Care, many deserving people have been given another chance to see."

Almost anyone can be an eye donor. For more information, please visit the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank at In addition to driver's license or state identification registration, the decision to be an eye, tissue or organ donor may be registered online at