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Signs of summer at Fair Oaks

Activities at Fair Oaks Lodge moved along last week, with a very listenable Good Time Band on Saturday, manicures and bean bag toss on Monday, with good old bingo and chapel on Tuesday. How comforting it is to know some things never change, like that bingo game on Tuesday.

Watermelon outside on Wednesday didn't happen because it rained but ball games inside did. Thursday brought manicures and that lively polka D.J. program.

The big parade gets top billing for the week. Queen Lorraine Brill represented us and rode in the convertible. We are sorry that King Stanley Windels was not up to it that day. Al Koplin and his big accordion entertained on Friday.

Signs of summer are the flower beds out front. We thank the Busy Beavers 4-H Club and Oak Grove Homemakers for setting the plants out.

A sincere thank you also goes to the family of May Borg for the donation that helped buy the plants. For the last many years the two beds of annuals on the north end have the Wadena Garden Club to thank.

Half-grown Canadian goose families and their kids cruise up and down Whiskey Creek, proud as anything. You'd think they own it.

Cars sporting license plates from other faraway states are showing up in our parking lot. We are hearing that the price of gas changed plans to visit this year. We are hoping it won't be the case of many since nothing substitutes a visit from family.

On the negative side of my ledger this week is a viral infection in my vocal chords that rendered me voiceless for a couple of days, wouldn't you know it? A persistent wall-to-wall headache seemed to be a part of the program with low grade temperature.

To those involved in one of my projects, I will soon be back on the job. I am trying to keep in mind that silence is supposed to be more musical than a song, that silence can be the most perfect expression of scorn and that it is better to be silent than make a fool of myself.