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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the June 22, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Highway 10 project drives into next phase

Though all of the aerial maps and project designs were marked "preliminary" and "concept," that didn't stop many Wadena residents from scrutinizing the differing plans to reconstruct U.S. Highway 10.

Three informational sessions were held Tuesday night to give people a glimpse into the Minnesota Department of Transportation project.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the June 28, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Editorial: Storm help deserves our gratitude

When the weather is gorgeous, as it was during June Jubilee, we tend to forget how it can become nasty in minutes and cause the devastation it did two weeks ago.

That was the week that 10 tornadoes touched down in three days in rural Minnesota.

It would be wonderful to think we won't be hit by other storms. But even if we are, we can lessen the effects by helping our neighbors.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the June 24, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Lightning bolt causes heavy damage to Verndale school

"Ten minutes proved to be the difference in quick action taken by Joe Rousslang and members of the Verndale Fire Department in saving the public school building from destruction by fire," Mark Gades, Verndale fireman at the scene, said.

A highly volatile thunderstorm which dumped more than two inches of rain on this area Saturday about 4 p.m. was the apparent cause of the school fire. A bolt of lightning struck the top of the oldest portion of the building near a drain pipe blowing a hole in the top of the structure and setting fire to insulation in the suspended ceilings on third floor.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the June 24, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• The Revs. George Gerber and Ronald Hume on The Peace Symbol

The following was taken from the 12-10-70 issue of the "Christian Advocate." It might be of interest in view of last week's letter to the editor.

"After receiving several copies of a story purporting to tell the origin of the peace symbol, we decided that the only way to respond to weird tales of communist conspiracy and the black mass was to do some research.

"Far from dating back into the Dark Ages, the symbol was designed in 1958 to use on an Easter march from London, England to Aldermaston to protest against further use of nuclear weapons. ... The symbol represents the semaphore code for the letters N and D (nuclear disarmament) placed one over the other -- one arm straight up, the other straight down (D) and arms straight down at a 45 degree angle (N). ... Gradually, the design became a symbol of the larger cause of peace."

The word SALT was used as a title for a now defunct Lutheran magazine. Does this mean all groups now using the word as the name of their organization are trying to push the Lutheran faith onto others?

60 years ago

Excerpts from the June 28, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• From Our Town With the Editor

Last Friday's Fergus Falls Journal called attention to the tornado season by reminding readers it was 32 years ago that date (June 22, 1919) that the big tornado practically destroyed Fergus Falls. If our memory doesn't fail us, it was about 35 years ago this summer, a tornado ripped by Hewitt in good shape, the following year one struck south of Hewitt, and about 28 years ago one traveled through the northern section of Todd county through the rural area -- we hid in the cellar on two of them, and the other we didn't have time to make it to the cellar, but outran it to get into the house.