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The story of a friend, Jean Johnson

In today's spotlight is another long-time friend, Jean Johnson. Her parents were Ed and Della Love Hammond. Jean went through school in St. Cloud before she taught music to pupils in Verndale in 1942.

Jean met a young fellow on leave from the RAF on a blind date. His name was Warren Johnson. Six months later they were married. Warren finished his college education as a shop teacher.

Warren taught in Minnetonka until he retired in 1977. They have one daughter. Since Jean could no longer teach after she was married, she taught music from her home. There were times she had 48 pupils. They moved to Wadena in 1977.

Jean has had a busy, interesting life. They took trips to Europe and Scandinavian countries, Jean belonged to a bridge club for many years, and they had a place on Otter Tail Lake. Warren was an avid gardener. Warren died in 2008.

The Johnsons belonged to the concert series and Jean recalled favorite programs. When the Wadena auditorium was dedicated, famous worldwide singer Galli Curci was featured along with pianist Percy Granger, composer of "Country Gardens."

Jean will soon be giving up her bed to move into the fine apartment waiting for her in the Fair Oaks Apartment unit. How pleased we were when we saw them move in her piano!