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YouTube: The Network? Count On It.

It's the natural progression for the internet's most-watched website. With so much content already in storage, and with YouTube's new "Creator Camp" initiative they already have an asset many television networks would beg for--interesting, free content. Now you can certainly debate the "interesting" part, but YouTube is now educating and funding its most popular users with the hope that they'll create videos that drive even more people to the website.

So why wouldn't "YouTube: The Network" be the logical "next step"? If there was a cable channel run by YouTube, wouldn't you assume (even before watching) that the programming there would be at least as interesting as say...15 other cable networks you can think of?

And think of some of the top websites in the world:,,,, were cable networks that became leading websites. Is there any reason to think that the interaction between cable television and the internet can't work in the other direction, too?

(And how could they resist the acronym "BYTE"? "_____ YouTube Entertainment", I just can't figure out the "B" part.)

You can learn more about YouTube's interesting foray into content development (and network television?) by reading USA Today's article here:

USA Today's Article About "YouTube 2.0"